Caroline Walken

What’s your pen name?

Caroline Walken

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title.

The working title of my next book is Heavy & Boots; the story is set in the 1940s during the heyday of the Northern Kentucky crime syndicate. It is based my Grandfather’s tales of his life as a blacksmith and his travels on the race circuit. After retiring, he lived with our family and would share stories about this line of work. I learned that this had not been a glamorous life; often, the small family moved three times a year. As I grew older, he was honest about the illegal side of the business and explained how people could ‘fix’ a race! He shared tales of how he discovered unscrupulous practices and how he would intervene regardless of the cost to his career or his safety. 

After I began my stint as a writer, that research unearthed familiar names! As it turned out, we had a bit of gangster in our family! This is what convinced me to combine my love of horses and history into a novel; gangsters and all!

When did you start writing and why?

I grew up in an artistic family, and although art gave me a sense of peace, it didn’t stir my soul. However, I have always liked being a storyteller. I decided to try my hand at writing; after all, as my husband will point out, he has never known me to tell a short story! Still, I worried if I had a writer’s talent, convinced that I would only be able to churn out less than 10 pages. To my astonishment, I filled two notebooks with my first attempt and had already imagined a sequel. 

Writing has become a passion, a means to paint with words. This feeds my desire to create and share a world that, before writing, that only I could imagine. 

What’s the best writing Facebook group?

I like the sites associated with Goodreads, these sites bring readers to Indie Authors.

How has COVID impacted your life?

I am glad you asked this; this period has been a struggle. Like many, I have lost friends to COVID and have seen the impact it has had on everyone. The worst was its effect on my creative side; I found that I couldn’t write while in this state of mind. However, like our world, I am coming back slowly but steadily. One of the reasons I elected to write about horses and my favorite period in America is in celebration of my return to the keyboard! 

Tell me about any pets you have.

I live on a small farm; we have rabbits, chickens, guinea fowl, and a sweet dog named Jack! However, my favorite is my quarter horse mare, Walkin’ n’ the Dark. Kevyn is her barn name, and she has been the best partner that I have had to date. We are currently showing locally in ranch riding events to test our skill and celebrate the art of horsemanship. 

Give a shout out to another author who deserves some recognition.

I have many writer friends but to name a few: Stephen Bentley – former UK Detective turned crime writer. His award-winning book Operation Julie is a must read! Jessica Lucci – She creates the most fantastic Steampunk Flash fiction you could ever imagine! Virginia Tomlinson – This emerging writer has become one of my favorites with her YA Sci-Fi thrillers.

Give me a captivating 5 sentence story about a holiday here.

The young boy silently made his way in the darkness; his only illumination was the light from the winter’s moon. He prepared himself for the disappointment, the same emotion he had suffered countless times in the past. After all, he was not a foolish child, having been moved from one foster home to the next. Unprepared, he was surprised and responded with a sharp intake of breath as he stopped short in the living room doorway. Before him, the once bare Christmas Tree was now adorned with lights and surrounded by brightly wrapped presents!

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about hope here.

I want to write words that bring that rush of emotion to the surface. Prose that instills a passion for life in you evoke excitement and wanderlust. You will honor me if my words cause you to cry or feel the bitter tang of rage. Join me in a place and time that exist solely in my mind. Only you can make my words ageless.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about desperation here.

The two women sat at the table with a crossword puzzle between them; after an hour, many of the squares remained empty. Her Grandmother was lost in the past again; Mary recognized the distant look in the elderly woman’s pale blue eyes. Reaching across the table, she took her Grandmother’s hand, asking, “Where is it that you go to Gran?” The elderly woman remained as she had been – mute. In a rare moment of vulnerability, Mary dissolved into tears. 

Tell me your protagonists’ favorite type of music?

At this time, I am writing in the 40’s era, I think my protagonist s will be tapping the toe of her boots to the Andrew’s Sisters or Glenn Miller!

Tell me your protagonists’ favorite animal?

Rose, or ‘Boots’ as she is known, loves horses not only for their beauty but also for the freedom they represent. As one of the few female exercise riders, she celebrates the surge of power she feels with every stride. Boots feels liberated as she rides incognito; those she races will only learn that they lost to a ‘girl’ once she pulls her mount up at the finish line. The equine athlete becomes an extension of her spirit, and she will protect them at all costs. 

What are your top 3 books you read in 2021?

One of my favorite series was written by Susanne Leist; The Dead Game, Prey for the Dead and Dead at Heart, all combined exciting fantasy with the beautiful back drop of coastal Maine.

What are your writing goals for 2022?

My goal is simple, to return to my passion and have the first draft on my newest novel completed.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise.

All writers have a favorite book of theirs, and I am no different. Of all the novels I have written, I have to say writing Behind the Fan was my all-time favorite. The story details a that family comes together to care for the elderly Dorothy Kennedy-Denham. A forgotten photo opens the door to a past and a history they are not fully prepared to embrace. The family slowly learns more about their mother and grandmother; at times, they find her past life is unimaginable and that her connection to her late husband is unbelievable. In the end, Dorothy Kennedy-Denham hopes they find it inspirational. 

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