Sara L. Hudson

What’s your pen name?  Sara L. Hudson

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title. A Little Moore Action is the latest steamy romantic comedy I’m working on—coming out this March.

It’s about an Elvis-loving southern red head and a New York city playboy and his hairless cat.

What magical power would you wish for? Unlimited wishes. Is that a thing? If it is, I want it.

In high school, what would you have been named as “most likely to ____” I was actually named best dressed. But that was a long time ago before babies, mortgage payments and general adulting. Now it’s more like “most likely to rock yoga pants while not doing yoga”

What’s the first sentence in your most recent book? “My pussy is anti-social.”

Who would win in a fight between Belle and Rapunzel and why? As much as I love Belle and her love of reading, unless she was holding a dictionary to swing at Rapunzel’s head, she is going to lose. Did you see Rapunzel take on those two red-headed brutes by swinging her hair around like an Indian Jones lasso? Rapunzel all the way.

Now Merida versus Rapunzel? That would be a good fight.

And Mulan beats everybody.

(ps I love how serious I took this question. Haha)

Write a few sentences about where you are currently sitting so the reader can imagine themselves there. White leather roll-y chair, white and gold desk, fireplace in front of me and three bay windows to my left. Sapphire blue walls and coral-colored curtains.

It may sound ultra-posh, but it’s really the little sitting area in my master bedroom that I commandeered as my office since my two kids have kicked me out of the real office in the house for their “crafts” (aka colorful messes).

And my typing is usually accompanied by my Yorkie, Jack, humping his bed on my bed to my right. He likes to help me set the mood.

Do you format your own books interiorly? Yeppers.

If you could take a character on a date, who would you choose? One of my characters? Hmmm. That would be Rose West, the heroine of my last book Space Balls. As a billionaire oil heiress and the star student of her strip dancing class (which probably isn’t too hard seeing as the rest of her class is made up of geriatrics), I think she’d show me a good time.

Who’s your biggest fan? My dad. I remember him recommending a Lisa Scottoline book for me to read when I was in high school. It had what I now know is a mild sex scene in it, but back then I was full-on Keanu Reeves WHOA. When I mentioned it to my dad, he said “everything’s better with a little spice.” Cracked me up. But he’s not wrong. haha

Have you every written a querry letter for a publisher? Tell me about that process. Yes. It sucks. I can sell anyone else’s stuff to anyone, anytime. But my own stuff? I’m the worst. And that is basically what query letters are—selling your books. Hated every minute of it. And though I had an agent and all that, I am deeply and profoundly happy that I decided indie publishing was the way to go for me. Now if I could just hand over all my advertising to someone though…

Where would your character hide proof of their most important secrets? Dr. Jackie Darling Lee, lead NASA engineer and heroine from my book Space Junk, would have some sort of ultra-impenetrable safe complete with biometric security measures like eye and fingerprint scanners. But her basic password would probably be something NASA nerdy like Apollo.

What’s one of your favorite movies? Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Kindergarten Cop, Hot Fuzz. I’m pretty big on action/comedy movies where they blow something up then say something really cheesy about it. That’s my jam.

Give a shout out to another author who deserves some recognition. Tru Taylor has come up with some great ones. She is relatively new on the scene, but has proven best-sellers. So hopefully those reading this will check her out.

What’s your writing goals for 2022? Two books out in the new series and the first series, Space Series out in French, German and Italian.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise and why? Space Junk: Houston, We Have a Hottie. Because nowhere else in Romancelandia will you find a female NASA engineer genius and a secret billionaire auto mechanic doing sexy things while one saves the International Space Station and the other rides horses shirtless.

You’re welcome.

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