Joanna White

What’s your pen name?

Joanna White

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title.

The most recent novel I wrote was called Etherheart.

The Cult of Nemesis works from the shadows to control the world of Alrika – starting wars, assassinating kings and anyone who stands in their way. Syrath has been in the cult since he was a boy and he believes they bring order.

Or do they?

Jineza doesn’t want to think about the horrible things that the cult has done to her. They murdered her husband and newborn child and now she plans to bring them down. But first, she’ll have to go undercover and risk exposing her true identity to them – and to a man from her past that she never expected to see again.

How many books do you usually publish per year?

Anywhere from two to four, but occasionally I do release more.

Give me a description of the city you near so readers can try to guess where you’re from.

I live in the country between two towns. One of them used to be a major tourist attraction in the area on a big lake—part of one of the largest lake systems in my state—nicknamed the Show Me State.

Who is your favorite protagonist you’ve written?

I have a lot of favorite protagonists but one of my favorites has been Keisuke, from my Mystics Series. He’s a samurai from the 1800’s which was when he was turned into a vampire. He tries to be a good man, though, and doesn’t want to kill anyone. He hates what he is and strives to help others and to fight against the vampire nature inside him.

Would he/she choose which of the following and why?

                Pumpkin latte or tequilla sunrise? Neither because he has a diet of only being able to survive on human blood. Both would just taste like sawdust to him.

                Broadway show or surfing contest? Keisuke would probably more than likely watch a Broadway show. I think he would be more entertained by it.

                Knife or bow/arrow? Definitely a knife, though Keisuke’s preferred weapon is a katana.

                Walks along the beach or rock climbing? For Keisuke, either would work because he’s a pretty active man, but if he have to choose, he would prefer rock climbing.

                Night owl or early riser? Night owl. Since the sun burns him, he has no choice.

Dog or cat? Dog, although dogs act strange if they lick a vampire and he doesn’t know why.

Tell me something unique about yourself.

I adore watching the Barbie movies and I still enjoy them, and many other kids movies and I’m unashamed as a 27 year old adult.

Tell me about your favorite character you’ve written and why?

One of my favorites has to be Michelle from The Book Whisperer. She’s basically an average college girl who reads a lot and fangirls about the books she reads, just like I fangirl about shows I watch. But the thing is, that she’s totally normal; not very active and extremely shy, so she’s a lot like me. Except that she has the power to talk to the characters inside whatever book she’s reading, so it’s like every booklover’s dream power. She gets into some extraordinary circumstances and it’s so much fun to write her and get inside her head.

Give a shout out to another author who deserves some recognition.

There are so many who work hard and write to glorify the Lord—like Joshua Reid, Allen Steadham, and many others, but two of my biggest shoutouts has to be toward H.A. Pruit, author of Anelthelian and Sara Jolene, author of The Deliverer’s Destiny. Those two write fantasy but also write and follow God’s inspiration and work so hard, and pour their hearts into their stories.

Give me a captivating 5 sentence story about lust here.

Lust for sin brings death.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about revenge here.

Vengeance is God’s, not yours.

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas! Not only is it the celebration of Christ’s birth, but I go all out in the leading up to Christmas. I love getting into the holiday spirit and spending time with family, and giving people presents! Plus, it’s cold, set during my favorite season, with the hope of snow, so what’s not to love?

What are your top 3 books you read in 2021?

My own! I haven’t read anything that hasn’t been my own books this year, haha! Son of the Wild is my favorite book of mine that I’ve read and it’s my Tarzan fairy tale retelling; my second has been Light Magi, Book One of the Republic Chronicles, and my third is Champion of Lies.

What are your writing goals for 2022?

Write Shadow Magi, Republic Chronicles Book Two, write the Mech Soldier Book Two, write The Realm Traveler which is part of The Book Whisperer Saga, write a few standalones and work more on my Immortal project.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise.

Here is a blurb to Light Magi, Book One in the Republic Chronicles:

For years, Castre has governed itself apart from the Republic. But Vaxon’s War has left the land and its people weakened and in desperate need of aid. Now, many people feel it’s too late and don’t want the Republic involved. Kyren’s lost everything, but he’ll have to push aside his grief to be the king Castre needs him to be. Kyren’s forced to make a decision that will change his life forever, but he’s been shoved into a corner with no other way to keep his daughter safe.

Meanwhile, the Republic and the Magi are spread all across the galaxy, protecting people from men who crave power, just like Vaxon did. They’re on the brink of war and on top of that, one of the Magi Order’s own guilds has betrayed them. They’re now a Dark Guild, doing assassination contracts to kill innocent people. One of their targets is Ayka, one of the few Diplomats left in the Republic who still believes in the Father and who helps people more than she wants political power. Ayka’s life is now in the hands of the Magi, who place her in the protection of one of the most skilled Metal Mages in the galaxy. Falling for him and trying to get him out of his shell is difficult enough without adding in surviving the attempts on her life. Not to mention the people on Castre want the Republic to stay out of their affairs, but it’s Ayka’s job to represent them in the Republic Court.

While the best Guild in the entire Magi Order investigate an underground slave market, putting Zei Lin and his brother’s lives at risk, the Republic tries to avoid going to war with a race who wants nothing more than to see the Republic fall. A dark power is growing in the distant corners of the galaxy… with enough power to change the fate of the Republic and the Magi Order forever.

***Immerse yourself into this epic fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the Chronicles of Narnia.***

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