C. Deanne Rowe

What’s your pen name?

C. Deanne Rowe

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title.

I titled my current WIP Bread, Beignets, and Cowboy Boots. The idea for the book came to me in a dream. I saw an older woman handing a recipe book to a younger woman. The story is about a woman studying pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. Her Grandmother passes and she returns to Paris, Texas, to find she inherited half of her grandmother’s bakery. The other half, her grandmother left to a bread-baking cowboy. It was a fun story to write.

How many books do you usually publish per year?

I try to publish at least three books a year. Four, if I can manage.

Give me a description of the city you near so readers can try to guess where you’re from.

I live in a city that is known for insurance companies and corn.

Who is your favorite protagonist you’ve written?

Abigail Stratford from my Puckerbrush Series was my favorite protagonist to write. She is an independent, curious woman.

Would he/she choose which of the following and why?

                Pumpkin latte or tequila sunrise?

                Tequila sunrise, for sure. Abigail isn’t a follow the follower of trends.

                Broadway show or surfing contest?

Broadway show. Abigail is a mystery author who is doing a freelance article on Puckerbrush. She would go for a Broadway show.

                Knife or bow/arrow?

                I would say a knife. Abigail doesn’t seem the bow/arrow type.

                Walks along the beach or rock climbing?

                Abigail would love a long walk on the beach. The solitude would be her thinking place.

Night owl or early riser?

A night owl, for sure. Being a mystery writer, Abigail sets her own hours. She has a neighbor, Helen, who checks on her to make sure she eats.

Dog or cat?

Abigail has a cat named mittens she leaves with her neighbor, Helen, and her cats Davis, Martin, and Crosby, who were named after the Rat Pack. (Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby)

Tell me something unique about yourself.

I worked for over twenty years on the natural gas trading floor at our local utility. I scheduled gas on the Interstate pipelines meeting so many interesting people.

Tell me about your favorite character you’ve written and why?

I loved writing Abigail Stratford in my Puckerbrush series. I only planned one book, The Secrets of Puckerbrush, but Abigail wouldn’t let me end with only one story. She kept feeding me ideas until I had three books in the series. Return to Puckerbrush and Beyond Puckerbrush. When I finished the series, I felt I was missing a best friend. I still bring her out and read about her now and then so I can keep her alive in my memory. Abigail reminds me of myself being curious and always wanting to know more about people she meets. The best stories come from asking questions.

Give a shout out to another author who deserves some recognition.

I am one of the Stiletto Girls with Magnolia ‘Maggie’ Rivers and Glenna West. We are authors of The Stiletto Girls Series. Each book contains three novellas based on the theme of the book. One story by each author. They are rated by chili peppers, 1 pepper is hot, 2 peppers are hotter, 3 peppers are the hottest. We have eleven books published in The Stiletto Girl Series.

Give me a captivating 5 sentence story about lust here.

Once she reached the top rung, she climbed off the ladder and stepped into the hayloft. She waited for Wade. He took her hand and led her to a spot in the loft where hay was scattered on the floor. He removed his hat, lay down on the hay, and pulled her down with him.

“Come here.”

(who wouldn’t want to be seduced by a cowboy in a hayloft???)

From my story, Taylor’s Texas Temptation available for free when you sign up for my newsletter.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about revenge here.

“I don’t care if you call yourself a man of the cloth and have brought hundreds of sinners to God. No one takes advantage of my daughter and lives to talk about it.”

Swinging one last blow, he watched as the man’s body on the ground became motionless.

From my book The Secrets of Puckerbrush

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Who can resist the looks on children’s faces when they open presents?

What are your top 3 books you read in 2021?

I’ve read craft books in 2021. Newsletter Ninja, Wired for Story, Story Genius, and 7 Figure Fiction. I also read Pack Up the Moon because who doesn’t love a Kristan Higgins book?

What are your writing goals for 2022?

I have two stories completed and waiting for my spot on my editor’s calendar. I would like to publish plus a few more. I am working on building my following and getting my author brand established.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise.

One of the favorite books I’ve written is Accidental Cowgirl from my Cowboy Temptation Series. There are six books in my Cowboy Temptation Series. I like to think there is a cowboy for everyone.

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