Céline Perron

What’s your pen name?

  • I go by my given name, Céline Perron

Tell me about your most recent story you’re writing and the title.

  • The most recent story I am writing is the third book in The Caged Curse series whose title has not yet been released. I am also working on a standalone Crime Thriller whose title has also not been released as of yet, but others can follow me on my social media pages and my website for all the details once they become available. Both books are set for release in 2022.

What genre do you write in and why?

  • My current genre of choice is Crime Thrillers/Mysteries. I love utilizing my background in Criminology in a creative way when it comes to storytelling and developing my characters. As an author I find I can utilize various unique avenues when it comes to implementing a more crime focused storyline into my books which can then lead into suspense, mystery and intrigue. 

Tell me how critique partnering works for you.

  • Critique partnering is an invaluable process in the overall editing of each of my books. I am lucky to say I have a team of dedicated and brilliant critique partners who I know I can rely on to be upfront with me and encourage me when I am stuck in the writing process. Critique partners aren’t there to tell you your work is ‘interesting’, but instead, to help give you that unique perspective you wouldn’t otherwise have. To know that many conversations I’ve had with my critique partners aided in the development of my stories, and even my characters, to make them into what they are today is astounding to me. I will forever be grateful to my critique partners and strongly encourage other aspiring authors to seek out their own team.

Why did you decide to become a writer?

  • I wanted to become a writer many years a go back when I was in High School, but after a not so encouraging conversation with a teacher, I was advised to seek out a more secure career goal. Although I am curious as to what would’ve happened had I not given up writing all those years ago, I am still proud of myself for having gone to University and gotten my degrees (BA Honours in Law and Justice & Master of Arts in Criminology).
  • It was only once the pandemic hit that I returned to my idea of writing again; if only to have an excuse to get out of my own head. Little did I know I would, in a few short months, manage to complete the very manuscript I had been inspired to write all those years ago back in High School.
  • I feel that my life experiences over the years have been instrumental in creating the characters I am able to write today.

What is one of your favorite books to read and why?

  • Such a good question but certainly not an easy one to answer! Instead, I’ll break it down like so:
  • Favorite standalone: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
  • Favorite series: The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
  • Favorite duology: Dance of Thieves by Mary E Pearson
  • A not so easy answer for a not so easy question 😀

Give me an estimate of how many books you own.

  • How many would three bookshelves be? (not including eBooks)

How should one organize their bookshelf?

  • I feel there is no one RIGHT WAY for one to organize their bookshelf. I myself am impartial to organizing my shelves alphabetically by author name, but before I used to organize them in groups of favorites – top shelf being the favorite, all the way down to the bottom shelf which would be reserved for my TBR pile – all of which grew substantially over the years. Most recently when I’ve had to organize my books it took several hours and countless trips all over the house with stacks of books to organize them all.

What actor/actress should play your main characters and why?

  • To even think of the possibility of one of my books being made into a movie alone would be a dream come true, but to have a dream cast play the very characters I created would be amazing. Although I know the world is filled with talented actors, I myself am a fan of actors like Lily Collins and also Emilia Clarke. Both of which were used as inspiration when I was creating my first couple of female protagonists.

What music do you listen to that inspires certain scenes?

  • I listen to a wide variety of music. Anything from country (old and new) to classic rock, alternative mixes, classical music, and even pop music dominate my playlists. I find that having a wide range of tastes in music certainly helps in my creative process, especially when I am creating characters who have complex personalities and backstories. Songs can inspire a character’s thick skin, while others can hint to a more vulnerable side they will show later on in the book.
  • Despite how large of a role music plays in my writing process, when it comes down to the drafting stage of my writing, I don’t listen to any music to save from being too distracted. 

How many books have you read this year? Which was your favorite?

  • I am pleased to say I have already achieved my GoodReads Challenge of reading 50 books in the years 2021! I like to set these goals for myself each year as it gives me that initiative to take a step back from writing and dive into another story for a while. It also allows me that freedom to read from authors I’ve gotten to know through bookstagram whose stories I have been dying to read. Choosing a favorite would be impossible, but I have reviewed each of them in term and posted those reviews on my GoodReads account as well as my Instagram page.

What is something you’d refuse to take out of your books if a publisher/editor recommended to delete? 

  • This is a tricky question as I only have experience as an indie author and have not had the chance to work with a publisher or professional editor at this time. What I do know from working with my Critique Partners is that being open minded and allowing those you work with to speak their opinions can be valuable.

What makes the best sorts of beta readers and why?

  • The best kind of beta readers are the ones that help in the overall betterment of your writing. They can help find anything from small typos you might’ve missed, to plot holes you never knew you had. Great beta readers, although valuable, are also few and far between. I strongly encourage others to be weary when it comes to those who offer to be beta readers as not all are work the extra work.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise here and why?

  • I would like to advertise my upcoming release The Shallow Graves (book two in The Caged Curse Series) as it is an anticipated sequel in the series, and I have had my fair share of dedicated readers reach out in the hopes of finding out what happens next in the books for our fearless protagonist Nora Palmer. Set for release December 13th, 2021. Cover and official synopsis have also been released and can be viewed on my Instagram page as well as my website: www.celineperron.com

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