Anna Cackler

What is a trope/element that you’d NEVER take out of your most recent novel, Little Owl, and why?

The romance between Gwen and Johnny. It’s not a huge deal for the plot of the book, but it just feels so good to have them fall in love!

What are three traits/interests your readers have in common if they formed a BFF book club/fan club?

They would love fantasy, rich relationships between the characters, and mind powers!!

What would your most recent villain say in regards to this question:

“How would you trick the hero into getting what you want?”

Well I can’t answer this question, lol. That would ruin the whole book! But I guess I could just hint that the antagonist is very, very, very patient.

What’s a book/author most similar to yours and why?

My first draft of Little Owl was basically a copycat of Daughter of the Forest by Juilet Mariller with a few overly-dramatic adjustments (go easy on me, I was 15 at the time!!) and my own set of characters. It has grown and changed so much over the last two decades, however. These days, only the telepathy, the long journey away from a forest home, and the understated romance remain similar to my original inspiration.

And recently I discovered the book Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust, which I love! It has some very similar elements to Little Owl, like Gwen’s isolation in the beginning and her fear of becoming a monster. 

Which of your characters would win in a food-eating contest and what food would they pick to devour?

This isn’t the sort of thing I think about much, considering the magical, dramatic, romantic atmosphere I’ve developed for Little Owl. But I have to admit, the side character Sinead seems like exactly the sort that would win a food-eating contest. She’s boisterous, likeable, and popular with the ladies. 😉 I imagine she’d choose a drinking contest – good old beer from the local brewhouse.

Where would you take your biggest fan on a “date” and what ONE question would you ask them?

I’m not gonna lie, but probably the movies. Because I’m too awkward to come up with topics of conversation haha! Plus I’ll never say no to movie popcorn. We’d see a great fantasy adventure. Maybe the new Spiderman! Love me some Tom Holland. 

In one sentence two sentences, make me visualize a gorgeous, breath-taking scene.

I buried my feet in the warm sand, my arms wrapped around my knees, and I closed my eyes to better smell the salt on the warm, damp air. And even though the beach was popular that evening, the crash of the waves, the screech of the seagulls, the howling of the wind past my ears – these things encased me in a bubble of pure, blissful, magical loneliness.

Why are you passionate about writing? Make me cry here….

There’s nothing to cry about over here. I write because I have a story to tell. Because it fills me up to overflowing, and the only way to get it out is to put it on paper.

Give me a plug of something you’d love all readers to purchase and why it’s superb.

Oh man. There’s too many to choose from!

The Phantom Tollbooth – Norton Juster

This is a MUST READ for every human person on the planet. If you don’t get it, slow down and read it again. And whatever you do, watch out for the senses taker.

The Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot

These are the ideal rom-com guilty-pleasure YA romance books. And I consider them a master class on writing well rounded, deep characterizations – and then displaying them through the lens of a 14 year old girl with boob envy.

DO NOT judge them off the movies. Disney butchered these YA classics. I have no idea what they were thinking, casting the lovely, class-act Julie Andrews as that alcoholic, leathery, tattooed old goat Grandmère.

Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Mariller

Just because. I’ve always loved this book!

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