D.S. Marquis

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.  My pen name is D.S. Marquis American Author.  I added American because there is a French author also using this name. I’ve written only one book to date, OF SCHOOL AND WOMEN. It’s a mostly true story, so I have to say I enjoy writing the truth.

Do you like books with two points of view, why or why not?  Books with two points of view are always a welcome read for me.

What would your main character think is most absurd in this world?  There are two protagonists in my debut book, Lynette and Marie. One considers the lifetime celibacy vow of a Catholic priest to be absurd, and the other considers Fraternity and Sorority pledging absurd.

What is something your main character doesn’t believe in and why?  Lynette does not believe that everything is as it seems, but Marie does.

What is the perfect pet/animal in a book and why? Any pet in a book is perfect.  It is the way characters treat a pet that reveals clues about who characters are.

What do you look for in an editor?  I have only worked with one editor, Michael Denneny. He worked many years with St. Martins Press. In hindsight I like knowing that he had that experience.  I connected with him via Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents.

If you denied your antagonist a meal, what would they do?  Eat elsewhere!

What kind of marketing is most successful for you? This is my first triathlon of writing, marketing, and publishing. My experience is limited with this regard and my marketing campaign is in progress.  I’m on social media, IG, FB, YouTube, Goodreads, Twitter. I’ve recently paid for some post boosting on FB and paid for a press release on PR Log to send out a release to the Associated press. Then there is my publishing story.

So, Of School and Women’s official release date is November 1, when my publisher says to me,  “Are you sure you want to wait until November to publish? We are already seeing an uptick in book sales from early Christmas shoppers.” 

I reply, “Ok, if you suggest publishing now, I’ll publish now. Let’s do it!” So ready or not, the OF SCHOOL AND WOMEN paperback is now available for preorder at B&N, BAM, and Target, and immediate purchase at https://booklocker.com/books/11924.html  and Amazon. (Not to mention other places I’ve never even heard of.)

The Ebook will be released November 1 on Barnes and Noble.  Although I succumbed to the temptation of the Christmas shopping idea and published early, this is my first rodeo, after all, so I’m still having my 10 day count down at the end of October. Without it, I’d feel like a first-time bride without a white wedding. Elopement and all! Lol

What was your last five-star book?

Of School and Women has had five five-star reviews so far.

What book do you want to read next?

My TBR list is quite long and I’m torn between BREAK THE STONE by Cassie Swindon and THE SPIRICOM by Roslyn Reid.

What are your 2022 goals: To continue marketing a little each day, maybe set up a TikTok account. I’m making an email list of Library directors, to whom I’d like to reach out. I will continue posting on popular blogs and news stories, visit some local bookstores in the Boston area and ponder my next book. 

Social media links/contact:

Visit dsmarquisamericanauthor.com or email me at  ofschoolandwomenauthor@gmail.com

Connect with me on:




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