Georgiana Kent

What’s your pen name and what genre do you write.

Hi! I’m Georgiana Kent and I’m a Language Teacher from the UK. In my spare time, I write urban fantasies set in my KeyMaster Chronicles universe.

Who inspires you and why?

All my life I’ve had a very over-active imagination with peculiar ideas popping into my head at the most random of times! I never really fitted in at school and, whilst my friends swooned over Sweet Valley High, I was more interested in manga and fantasy books. As a teenager, I was greatly inspired by Studio Ghibli’s movies where the ordinary world often reveals itself to be something extraordinary. 

Which of your characters would live at a library and how would they survive?

My female MC Erica Shylocke would quite happily live at the library since she’s a bookworm who studies in the library and works in a bookstore. She grew up on a farm and is quite resourceful, plus she’s a good cook. So, provided there’s a kitchen, she’d survive quite well. 

Tell me how your family reacted when you published your first novel?

My husband and parents were super proud. It wasn’t an overnight thing, but they’ve been really supportive the whole way. My mum’s my Alpha Reader and when she read Keys of Time, the first thingshe said was: “And you live with this stuff going on inside your head?!”   

What kinds of rewards do you give yourself for completing a goal?

I’m pretty rubbish at rewarding myself. Although, when my first pay check comes through, I’m going to get some MERCH from my store! 

What word should be deleted from all languages?

Stupid. My birthday is at the end of August and, in the UK, that made me the youngest in the school year. My academic abilities were constantly compared to other students who were almost a year older than me. So, teachers often called me ‘stupid’. I was always having to play ‘catch up’ and prove myself against others. It was so good when I got my GCSE exam results aged 15 (I hadn’t yet had my 16th birthday) to find out I’d got the highest grades in the year and, to top it all, I collected them from the teacher who called me ‘stupid’ the most! Such a good feeling to see her stunned face!

If you have to pick just one:

 -Bearded hero or hero with a sword:

Hmm, bearded hero or one with a sword… Could my hero with a sword have a beard? I love beards!

-No reading for a year or no writing for a year:

Yikes! This is a toughy! Choosing between reading or writing is a constant struggle. When I’m writing, I want to read and when I’m reading I feel like I ought to be writing! I suppose, because I’m only one book in on my first trilogy, I’d have to choose writing, especially with a pre-order up for next July!

-Kickass heroine or damsel in distress:

Ah, this one’s easy, kickass heroine! I’m not so bothered about heroines who are super beautiful or hardcore ninjas, I like my heroines relatable. I think this is one reason why Erica has been well-received by readers. She’s curvy, unsure of herself, but strong and wilful. Her stamina is rubbish (like mine!) but with training she gets better. She’ll never be as strong as Lunita, my werewolf, or fast like Nathaniel, my vampire, but she becomes a better version of herself, which is something we can all achieve.

-Clean or steamy:

Hmm, clean or steamy. I like somewhere in between, particularly slow burn! Now, don’t get me wrong, steam is fun but I’m more interested in plot, mystery and how characters come together. I love the little details of characters falling for each other! 

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing.

I didn’t start out interested in writing. My writing journey began with mangas and graphic comics. I love drawing and getting lost in characters and worlds, but, when I started my teacher training, all my free time went into essays and lesson planning – I had no time to draw! And, when the holidays finally came around, I was too tired to draw, so I turned to words and haven’t looked back since. Words are so powerful. I still draw. The chapter headings in my paperback were drawn by me on Procreate. The evil eyes on my MERCH were drawn by me, as is the front cover to my freebie novella Inner Demons.

What book do you want to read next?

I’m currently finishing Book One in Annette Marie’s Steel and Stone series: Chase the Dark. I’m a bit OCD, so will probably feel obliged to continue onto Book 2, Bind the Soul, but, since being on TikTok I’m interested in seeing what all the fuss is about with the Cruel Prince, so I might read that. What would you recommend?

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