Cassie Swindon

Hey, readers! I’ve been interviewing other Indie authors and posting their responses on my blog. Hopefully you’ve found a new favorite author. A friend offered to interview me, so I’ll post my answers here as well for funzies.

Why did you start writing?

On April 4th, 2020 (just after Covid really started) I woke up in the morning from a dream about two nameless characters. They became Raelyn and Kody in Break the Stone. I announced to my family at breakfast that I would be writing a book. My husband and kids were all supportive, but no one expected it to turn into a trilogy, and an attempt at a career. I’m now drafting my 4th novel.

Who is your favorite character you’ve written?

I love writing Joanna Bell. She is both villain and super-hero at the same time, check out Golden Chains to find out how complex she is. Her decisions get readers all riled up, which is the point of writing, to engaged readers in emotional investment.

What is your biggest hurdle in writing?

Honestly, patience is a big one. I’d want to publish much faster since I sprint drafting in less than a month, but the editing stage takes forever.

What is something you wish were different in the writing world?

I’m tired of all the websites/accounts involved with writing. I have usernames for Canva, Scribophile, WordPress, Mailchimp, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Bookbub, Goodreads, IngramSpark, Bookfunnel, the Wake County Library, and the list goes on and on to over fifty sites.

What would your villain of Break the Stone say if trapped in a room with no way out.

“Is this the best you can do?” – Sergent Snyder

What would your villain of Hunt the Storm say if caged in a box of snakes?

“I had one of these for a pet. So … this is your last chance, where did you take my sister?” – Private Quincy

What would your villain of Stop the Clock say if threatened with a grenade?

“Wanna count how many of those I have in my pocket?” – Commander Zohaib

What book are you currently reading?

Just finished Verity by Colleen Hoover and am starting Ten Rules for Faking It by Sophie Sullivan. I hop around to almost every genre.

What are your 2022 goals.

My entire fantasy-romance series, Linked Trilogy will be written by June, then handed over to a developmental editor. I’d also like to read more books than this year which will put me at about 100ish.

What’s your favorite book read in 2021?

So far, The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz but Serpent and Dove is up there too.

What character do you have a crush on?

Other than Kody Walsh, the hero of Break the Stone, probably West from Fable or the guy in It’s Only Us

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