Review #92

Title- Table Five

Rating– 4.5/5

Genre- steamy romance, mild erotica

POV- Third person, past

Similar/Comps– Temptation, Crave, Heated

Vibe-  passionate, firey, aroused, yikes… not for the faint of heart, spicy


Mae- I love the feminist portrayal regarding sex in our current culture

Jamie- HOTTIE!


Mae Norris has a plan. Actually, what she has is a to-do list. She has been loyal to the wrong man her whole life, and now she’s ready to find out what she’s been missing.

First on the list: Have sex with a stranger.

Jamie Harding is intrigued by her plan, and agrees to be her stranger. But he can’t get Mae out of his head, and “one night only” quickly turns into much more than either of them had intended.

Jamie knows he’s barreling toward disaster, because there’s things on her list he can’t help her with. He can’t ask her to stop, and he can’t bear to watch. Will there be anything left for Jamie when Mae has finally found herself?

“Kissing her was like falling into a warm bath on a cold day. There was something so perfect about her mouth, he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Was it the fullness of her lips? The slide of her sweet tongue? Or maybe it wasn’t her mouth at all, but the way she kissed him like she needed it to live.”

“Sorry about your button.”

He smirked. “There’s a spare on the bottom. I’ll fic it later.”

“I’ve never ripped a man’s clothes off before.”

“Could have fooled me.”


Easy/quick read

Best part-

First sex scene

What I’d change-

More details during the threesome

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