D’Ann Lindun

What’s your pen name and what genre do you write.

D’Ann Lindun, and I write contemporary western/some with suspense!

Who inspires you and why?

Everything! Seriously, the news, a friend is a journalist and some of her stories, a picture…and so on.

Give me an example of the kind of jokes does your comic relief character make.

Too dirty to share here! *smile*

Which of your characters would live at a library and how would they survive?

Most of my characters are cowboys and the woman who love them…none of them are library types, unfortunately. They would survive by their wits.

Tell me how your family reacted when you published your first novel?

Happy! My daughter was/is my biggest fan and she took me out to dinner.

What kinds of rewards do you give yourself for completing a goal?

A small piece of jewelry sometimes.

What word should be deleted from all languages?

My answer is too political for here, but I’d say hate.

If you have to pick just one:

Bearded hero or hero with a sword:

Bearded (or at least scruffy)! I have a huge crush on Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) from The Walking Dead.

No reading for a year or no writing for a year:

Erg! That’s tough. I guess reading.

Kickass heroine or damsel in distress:

Kickass heroine. I don’t have a lot of patience with damsels in distress. I prefer women who can take care of themselves.

Clean or steamy:

Steamy all the way!

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing.

It’s the outlet for all the stories in my head!

What book do you want to read next?

I’m on an EMP kick. I can’t think of the title, but it’s like 12th in the series.

Social media link/account:

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