Gayle Siebert

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write. 

Gayle Siebert. I write thriller/mysteries and new adult. Most have at least a passing relationship with horses and I can’t think of one that doesn’t have a touch of romance.

What has been something you’re most proud of and why?

Just the fact I’m a writer, I guess.

What question would you want to ask your #1 fan?

Of all my books, which is your favourite? Of all my characters, who is your favourite?

What book have you read that you wouldn’t want someone to know?


If your main character was asked to shave their head, what would they say?

Are you nuts?

If your main character was told to cliff jump, what would they say?

After you.

If your antagonist was given a puppy to hold, what would they do?

Use it for some con and then sell it.

If your antagonist was strapped to a dentist chair, what would they do?

Try to talk their way out of it.

Tell me your most recent 5 star read.

Sorry, I have no idea. I don’t pay attention to the stars, I choose books based on recommendations, the blurb and the cover.

Write a 3-sentence scene about your favorite holiday and make me believe it:

I don’t have a favourite.

What book do you want to read next?

I’m currently reading London by Frank Tayell. I’m only a couple dozen pages into it but so far it’s intriguing and the writing is very readable.

What are your 2022 goals:

Just to keep on writing! It may be harder than it sounds since at present I’m working on Book 4 in my Lindy Larsen series. Started off with a real head of steam, now stalled out at 15K words. Might not get it finished until 2022 at this rate😊

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