HM Thomas

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.

My pen name is HM Thomas, and I mostly write Romantic Suspense. I love a good love story in the middle of a little danger. I also write contemporary romance and women’s fiction, because there are just too many ideas in my head to stick to one genre. In all of these though, you’ll see common themes of strong females, proving one’s self and love prevailing.

What’s the most nerve wracking thing about writing for you?

Other than everything? Putting my words out into the world, knowing someone is reading and evaluating is terrifying. I’m a pretty introverted person, so sharing my thoughts has always been scary. Now that I’m publishing, it’s 100 times worse. And don’t even get me started on imagining my aunts or past teachers reading my sex scenes.

What character of yours could win in an athletic competition and which sport?

Probably Logan from What We Deserve. He’s a rough and tumble detective with an All-American background. He also likes to hit the heavy bag for exercise and people when he’s angry.  In my mind, he was probably a pretty successful high-school athlete but didn’t go to college. He could probably win at football or boxing.

What character of yours would most likely win in a battle of chess?

Miranda, Logan’s ex-wife/love interest from What We Deserve. She’s an ex-cop turned victim therapist, and she’s smart as hell. At one point when Logan’s describing her to another officer he says, “She’s a bad ass, but she’s also a fucking genius. She can be pretty nice when she wants to be too.”

What book did you most recently give a 5 star review?

Scream for Me by Cynthia Eden. I actually gave all three books in that series 5 star reviews. I love her romantic suspense books.

What scent do you like to read or write about in books that calms you and why?

I’m very sensitive to smells, so I don’t really burn candles or things in my everyday life. I think this puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to putting scents in my books. There is this one scent of shampoo I love, so it shows up sometimes. In fact, Logan mentions that after he and Miranda divorced he kept a bottle of it in his shower just to torture himself.

Do you like writing in first or third person and why?

I prefer to read and write in third person. I don’t know why exactly. I think because I like to get in so many heads but also leave some mystery. 

I’ve never really tried to write first person. I do sometimes read in first-person, but it has to be done well or I’ll end up putting the book down. Kate Stacy writes well in first-person, but I hated reading the Fifty Shades trilogy from Ana’s perspective, so maybe it depends on the character. 

What’s the first book you remember buying/cherishing and why?

Oh wow, there are so many book memories. Although my parents weren’t big readers, they were great about making sure I had reading material. I remember that my mom got me a subscription to a Dr. Seuss thing when I was like three or four. There was also a Raggedy Anne and Andy series that the local grocery store had when I was young. She would always let me get one, and my dad would read them to me at night. I still have both sets of books.

What tropes do you like to write in and why?

I love second chance romances. Love is messy and sometimes it takes a shot or two to figure it out. There’s just something about that reality and a couple finally getting it right that speaks to me. I also like friends to lovers. Both of these are probably because my husband and I circled each other as friends for years before finally getting together.

I’m also a sucker for older brother’s best-friend.

If you had to kill off an antagonist that survives in a different author’s series, who would it be and why?

This is such a good question but also so hard to answer. I feel like most of the ones I really hate end up dying in the end. When I read this question I immediately thought of an antagonist in a Maya Banks book, but then remembered the protagonist killed him in the end. Then I realized that was basically the same for most of the series. There is an antagonist in one of Lisa Jackson’s New Orleans books that they think is dead, but he comes back. So, I’d probably have to say they should have made sure he was dead the first time.

I do have an antagonist or two that I would have liked to have killed off in my own books, but their death wasn’t right for my characters and story. 

What book do you want to read next?

I’ve been writing so much lately that I’m kind of in a reading slump. I do have Lori Foster’s Stronger Thank You Know waiting to be read, because everything she writes is awesome. Karen White has a new book, The Attic on Queen Street, coming out November 2 that I can’t wait to read. I also have a list of Christmas novels I’ve been collecting all year to help get me in the Christmas spirit. (If anyone has any they recommend, send them my way!)

What are your 2022 goals:

Survive! I have three children ages 12-8 who all play multiple sports and are involved in multiple activities. It can sometimes be hard to juggle them, a full-time job, marriage and a writing career, but since it’s all worth it in the end, we keep pushing through.  

I have The Marsh House, a multi-generational women’s fiction novel, I hope to have contracted in 2022, as well as Learning to Surf, a Romantic Suspense with a second-chance that I hope to get out. I’m also working on two sequels and a spin-off to The Right to Surrender.

After publishing my first book traditionally, I’m dabbling in self-publishing (first book coming out this Christmas), so hopefully I can get more books in readers’ hands sooner.  

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