Jan Foster

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.

I write under my own name, Jan Foster, and publish through my media company, So Simple Published Media. I write historical fantasy novels aimed at grown-ups (because I’m interested in challenges which adults face through their lives and relationships but they are ‘fade to black’ so could be read by anyone!) and I also have a series of children’s picture books in the works which are all about first experiences. Writing for both target markets enables me to balance my ‘inner kid’ with being a 40-something in the real world! I’ve always loved history, the Tudors especially, and am always curious about what it must have felt like when extraordinary events happened. Writing historical fantasy allows me to explore these questions as well as try to look for their relevance today.

What’s a secret your hero or heroine might keep from one another?

Secrecy is a thread which weaves through my Naturae series – from the off, we know that my female MC is hiding her secret (royal) destiny from her partner, and it’s a doozy! He has to lose her, find her, save her and accept her before he finds out the reality of her situation! She, on the other hand, feels the pressure of her situation and must find a way to make it suit her, even if that means changing the course of destiny. My characters walk (and fly!) amongst humans, hiding their true selves away – which is tricky when you have wings… Secrets are all around,

What is your first sentence of your most recent novel?

‘A tickle of the memory of his death caused Henry to squint against the sunlight at the stranger on the doorstep.’ Anarchic Destiny (Book 2 of the Naturae Series) – available Winter 2021

What celebrity do you think would like your books most and why?

It rather depends on your definition of celebrity – for me, a contemporary author and historian, like Deborah Harkness (A Discovery of Witches) or Phillips Gregory (Author and TV presenter) would be the kind of celebs which I would love to have a copy of my book, and I believe they would enjoy them, not least because they write in the same genre and I hope would appreciate the level of historical detail which goes into their creation. That said, I think any celebrity who has an interest in the fantastical or history would like them. I aim to provide pure escapism, so perhaps any celebrity looking to lose themselves in another world for a little while!

What time of day do you do your best writing and why?

Morning, definitely. Heavily caffeinated. Quiet. As for why – it’s hard to imagine you are in the 16th century when the washing machine is going on spin, children whittering, phone going and music playing! Although I long to be one of those coffee-shop writers, I tried it and hated it. Too much noise and people moving around for me to convince my mind that I am in the past!

What are you biggest obstacles in writing and how do you overcome them?

Is it ok to say distractions of the small children variety? As for overcoming them… I try and organize my day so that I can work/write in peace and quiet (when they are at school!), then involve them with the household chores when they are around! It feels like a win – win then – they get to learn household management, how to cook, spend time with me etc, and I get to write whenever I can fit it in around work schedules.

Which character would you take on a date and why?

When I wrote my first book, my male MC Joshua was definitely someone I wanted to spend time with! But, with Anarchic Destiny, I’m walking a little on the wild side as my antagonist is quite morally grey (which I love writing, so intriguing) and dare I say it, quite attractive because of the danger element!

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing.

Not that my real life is bad – it absolutely isn’t for which I am extremely grateful – but I love to escape into my worlds! There really isn’t a feeling I have found which quite matches when the words just flow from your fingertips, and you read them back later and think, did I just make that happen? To those characters? I also love getting my mind into someone else’s, or another place or time – it’s like a little holiday! I think more people would write if they understood how cathartic it can be.

What book do you want to read next?

I have promised myself I will read The Priory of the Orange Tree, by Samantha Shannon, as soon as I ave finished writing Anarchic Destiny. I’ve been wanting to read it for ages but it seems like the sort of hefty novel which I could lose myself in for a good few days, so I want to dangle it in front of myself as motivation!

What are your 2022 goals:

I’m planning on publishing the two more books which complete the story arc for the Naturae series, and ideally another prequel which is the love story for my MC’s, Aioffe and Joshua. I’d really like to publish more of my children’s book series as well, but right now I am having a few technical issues as my illustrator is struggling to schedule the time to finish the next book! 

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