A J Saunders

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.

My pen name is A J SAUNDERS as there are two of us writing. We like to write romantic suspense and YA paranormal mysteries.

What has been something you’re most proud of and why?

People writing to us to say that they enjoy our books. And subsequently posting it on their social media website.

What question would you want to ask your #1 fan?

What attracted you to the book?

What book have you read that you wouldn’t want someone to know?

Peppa Pig

If your main character was asked to shave their head, what would they say?

You go first.

If your main character was told to cliff jump, what would they say?


If your antagonist was given a puppy to hold, what would they do?

He’s a total Jekyll and Hyde and being a solitary person, he’d probably enjoy the company of a puppy.

If your antagonist was strapped to a dentist chair, what would they do?

Warn the dentist that one wrong move and he’d chop them off!

Tell me your most recent 5 star read.

Leverage by Katherine BLACK

Write a 3-sentence scene about your favorite holiday and make me believe it:

I emerge from a tunnel and through the car’s window a beautiful green panorama comes to life. As I begin my slow ascension to the top of the Alps, fresh air flows in through the half-open windows, filling my lungs with mountain fragrances. In the sunlight, the peaks are a panoply of colours, from slate-grey to silver-white.

What book do you want to read next?

The next in the Peppa Pig series (but please don’t tell anyone!)

What are your 2022 goals:

To publish our next book (another romantic suspense) set in Corsica, and to make a million!

Social media links/contact:

Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/adley_saunders_author

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040041253412&show_switched_toast=true

Twitter :@AdleySaunders

e-mail : adleyjsaunders@gamil.com

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