Jilleen Dolbeare

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.

My name is Jilleen Dolbeare. I write urban fantasy and high fantasy (although I don’t currently have a high fantasy story out right now) My main series is about an kick ass Alaskan bush pilot. It’s unique because it focuses mainly on Alaskan native folklore.

What has been something you’re most proud of and why?

I’m proud of completing my first book and getting it out there. It took me a long time from when I had the first spark of an idea to publication. 

What question would you want to ask your #1 fan?

Which one of my characters would you like to be for the day?

What book have you read that you wouldn’t want someone to know?

There are probably a lot. Lol. I know that the one I want my time back from the most is Moby Dick and I’m not too proud to say it. What a snore fest.

If your main character was asked to shave their head, what would they say?

No! She loves her long hair. Since I’m currently rocking the post chemo look, I’m with her on this one!

If your main character was told to cliff jump, what would they say?

Go F yourself. (I’m keeping it PG13)

If your antagonist was given a puppy to hold, what would they do?

He’d hold the puppy.  Even monsters can like puppies!

If your antagonist was strapped to a dentist chair, what would they do?

He would have zero need to be there, so he would use his magic to get free and destroy everyone in his path.

Tell me your most recent 5 star read.

Winds of Change the latest Alastair Stone book. I love them!

Write a 3-sentence scene about your favorite holiday and make me believe it:

The smell of delicious food fills the air. There are flickering lights and love surrounding me. Outside the air is brisk and the chill requires a warm coat and boots.

What book do you want to read next?

I’ve got a stack. I always have a book to read next, I think I’ve quit caring until I pare it down!

What are your 2022 goals:

I plan to write 3 books, two in my series, and one high fantasy (can’t decide if it’s a series or a stand alone).

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