Review #49

Title- The Arsonist

Rating– 3/5

Genre- Women’s Fiction

POV- Third person, past tense

Trope- Mystery, Small town drama, Family relationships

Similar Books/Comps– Little Fires Everywhere (kind of)- I couldn’t think of a good one

My emotions- Curious


Frankie Rowley is the main character- worked in East Africa for fifteen years
I didn’t connect with/understand her mother at all


Frankie returns to the New Hampshire village where her family has always spent their summers. But the tranquility she’s expecting proves short lived when, on the very night she arrives, a mysterious arsonist begins targeting the homes of other summer residents. As this seemingly idyllic community becomes increasingly on edge, Frankie also has to deal with her father’s declining health—and begins a passionate affair with the editor of a local paper that will yield its own remarkable risks and revelations.

Best part-

The page turning of wondering “who did it”- but what’s weird is … as I write this months after reading it, I can’t remember who it was…

What I’d change- Strengthen the romance of the plot

Pacing- Medium, little slower

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