Kristen Braddock

What’s your pen name and what genre do you write.

I actually have two pen names. Kristen Braddock is the first where I write a variety of fantasy (YA, NA, portal, high, romance) with a focus on bringing inclusivity to the genre.

My other pen name is Kacey Lee, which is Paranormal Romance and has more spice.

Who inspires you and why?

Everything and everyone. I get inspired by a good piece of music when I easily envision a battle or a first kiss. I get inspired by those around me who are neurodivergent, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, etc and want to see themselves as the main character without their identity being the sole piece of the character’s identity. I get inspired looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean and imagining the life beneath it. I get inspired by a romance where they can understand all the broken pieces inside of you, and have patience and compassion with you.

Give me the an example of the kind of jokes does your comic relief character make.

Usually it’s them mocking/giving other characters a hard time. It’s the banter between friends, like any good friend group has, and the comic relief is the one who incites it. If someone comes up with a terrible plan, they’re the ones to call them out in a hilarious way.

Which of your characters would live at a library and how would they survive?

Cara, the main character of my Banshee’s Curse series, would definitely be the one to live in a library. I don’t know how well she’d be at surviving, but she’d love the peace and quiet, the calm and the seclusion of it all.

Tell me how your family reacted when you published your first novel?

Being an indie author is weird for anyone who doesn’t understand the publishing world and all its different facets. They were proud, of course, but the general public still doesn’t hold indie publishing in as high of regards as traditional publishing. When they find out they can find my novel on Barnes and Nobles, and even order one through the store, they’re always shocked by it. It took my dad six months to buy my book, and I had even brought it up to him because he’s the one who helped me write stories as a kid and instill my love for reading, yet he kind of wrote it off. It wasn’t until after my second novel was published and I had more in the works he took it more seriously. Sorry, I know this isn’t the upbeat answer some may expect, and although they verbally support, there can still be a feel of “but are you a real author” from people in your daily life. HOWEVER, the person who has always supported me is my husband. I’m a very determined individual, and when I set my mind on something, I go after it with everything I have. Thankfully, my husband does nothing but supports me with this. For that I’m truly grateful.

What kinds of rewards do you give yourself for completing a goal?

A 1-2 day break. It sounds absurd, sometimes I’ll give myself a week. But I have so many novels going on in my head, and indie authoring is a lot more than just writing, so there’s always something to do (like any small business). After I published my first novel I did have a cupcake though!

What word should be deleted from all languages?

CAN’T. I know that may be cliche, but I am a firm believer we are in control of our own lives, and if we don’t like a certain situation (job, relationship, etc) we can change it. Don’t get me wrong, by no means do I think it’ll be easy, it could be literally the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, but I believe people CAN make changes to better their lives, even if it’s small steps at a time.

If you have to pick just one:

Bearded hero or hero with a sword:

Hero with a sword!

No reading for a year or no writing for a year:

……..THIS IS SO MEAN! Oh my gosh. I literally can’t imagine either one. I guess… reading? **sobs**

Kickass heroine or damsel in distress:

Kickass heroine, all the way!

Clean or steamy:

Steamy 😉

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing.

Like many authors, it’s something I’ve done since I was little. I still have the handwritten, two page short story I wrote at 6/7 years old. As I got older, and became an adult, there were years I went without writing, and I completely wrote off the dream of being a published author. I lived my life, lived abroad, got married, became a teacher (which I am very passionate about) and I realized I had little to no regrets in my life EXCEPT publishing. Thankfully, I had some students I was telling about my YA mermaid novel, and they convinced me to finish it. After spending six months trying to get an agent, I went down an indie author rabbit hole. I found some of my all time favorite authors. I had this moment where I thought “I could do this. Instead of waiting years to publish traditionally, I could do this.” Now, I get to add the inclusion I want to see within the fantasy genre, I get to write the gray characters, and the epic tales, and I can’t imagine not doing this.

What book do you want to read next?

I don’t know about next, but I just finished The One and Only Crystal Druid by Annette Marie and it was SO GOOD that I’m in a bit of a book slump.

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