Opal Fairchild

What is a trope might you be obsessed with?

Enemies to lovers. I adore the fighting to learning to love one another. Plus, if the hero destroys a town in their name then right on.

What character would you kiss and why?

I’d probably want to kiss Vakir. He’s a side character who gets his own book (book 2).  He’s surly and wounded for many reasons but he knows what he wants and goes after it without thinking it through.

What characters would you slap and why?

Oh I’d absolutely slap Sphezik my antagonist. He’s got a lot of built up prejudices and needs to take a chill pill.

What character would you kill and why?

I don’t like to kill any of the main cast but I’ve absolutely killed side characters. I think though Luux the Katha of the secondary tribe of mine should die asap.

What character would you TP a house with and why?

I’d TP a house with Cricket. She’d have a looot of fun with me.

What book would you reread 728 times and why?

I’d always read howls moving castle as many times as needed. It’s one of my absolute favorites and I own two copies.

What would your favorite character do on a typical Friday night?

My characters are introverts like I am most of the time and I think they’d watch trash TV or read a book while eating icecream on the couch.

What are your bookish goals for 2022?

My goals for 2022 are finish books 2 and 3 of Volxek shifters, Put out From the Aster my atlantean story and my Mothman science fantasy duology.

Tell me a book you’d wat to jump into and why?

I think it’d be really fun to be a hobbit in LOTR haha they have a good time.

Give me a plug of something you’d love all bookish people to purchase and why it’s superb.

If you’re a writer: the emotions thesaurus

For a reader: kindle unlimited because I’ve saved myself hundreds of dollars every year just by having it.

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