Review #41

Title- Breaking His Code

Rating– 3/5

Genre- Romantic Suspense

POV- First person, past tense

Trope- diverse characters, military

Similar Books/Comps– Second Sight, By Lethal Force

My emotions-  I expected more of what happened chapter 14 to be throughout, which had me a little disappointed.


A former Navy SEAL, West Sampson can’t escape the ghosts from his last mission. The fallen haunt his dreams.

Camilla Delgado lives her nightmare. Wounded in the line of duty, she’s trapped by her cane—and her scars.

Cam and West forge a friendship through online gaming, but when West tries to take their relationship to the real world, Cam bolts. She doesn’t do charming. Or dating. Or anything but work.

A SEAL never gives up, and West convinces Cam to give him one more shot.

Caught between looming threats and the first stirrings of love, Cam and West have to face their fears, their pain, and their growing desire for one another or risk losing everything.

Sometimes, bravery is admitting you’re broken. And broken is beautiful.

Best part-

The steamy scenes

What I’d change-

Sometimes little things were thrown in that didn’t feel relevant to the rest of the story (like pg 146)
Lastly, I wanted the big epic moment to be more chaotic than it felt.

Pacing- I read this in a few hours over one afternoon.

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