Review #39

Title- Paris is Always a Good Idea

Rating– 4/5

Genre- Contemporary Romance

POV- First person, past tense

Trope- Irritated/frustrated to lovers

Similar Books/Comps– This book makes me think of Eat, Pray, Love.

My emotions- comfortable, heart-felt,wanted to slap her silly and wake up, lol


I’m in love with the main character’s name & only those who know me best understand why.

Jason Knightley- coworker

Colin- Irish hottie

Jean Claude- French hottie

Marcelino- Italian hottie


It’s been seven years since Chelsea Martin embarked on her yearlong postcollege European adventure. Since then, she’s lost her mother to cancer and watched her sister marry twice, while Chelsea’s thrown herself into work, becoming one of the most talented fundraisers for the American Cancer Coalition, and with the exception of one annoyingly competent coworker, Jason Knightley, her status as most successful moneymaker is unquestioned. 

When her introverted mathematician father announces he’s getting remarried, Chelsea is forced to acknowledge that her life stopped after her mother died and that the last time she can remember being happy, in love, or enjoying her life was on her year abroad. Inspired to retrace her steps – to find Colin, Jean Claude, and Marcelino- Chelsea hopes that one of these three men who stole her heart so many years ago can help her find it again. 

From the start of her journey nothing goes as planned, but as Chelsea reconnects with her old self, she also finds love in the very last place she expected.

Best part-

I love that all her freedom moments are with the women, the secondary cast behind the scenes- Aoife, Darby, Zoe …

I love the little bits that make a story unique like the Quarter Thief and the cow pajamas

What I’d change-

Page 124 – these events didn’t really seem needed. She’s already traveling all over the place and nothing of consequence happened at this location. 

Page 157- this is the third time in a row she has fallen/face planted to the ground in front of a guy. Why is she so clumsy? Or why is there no variety in their meetings?

Page 160- I’m having a hard time why these amazing guys all fell in love with Chelsea so quickly and so hard. I’m not seeing all of her amazing qualities that backs this up. She seems like an average, nice, sweet person but nothing that gives me proof of why they would all be crazy over her. Also, the reactions of the first two seeing her again feels a bit over the top too-good-to-be-true and unrealistic.

Page 187 makes me wanna vomit a little.

General comments-

Page 221- dun Dun DUN!

Sex scene was 2.5/5 on the steam level

Resolution was satisfying but I wasn’t fully on board with the last sentence & that sentiment. It was a bit of a stretch

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