Review #37

Title- The Queen of Nothing

Third in the series

Rating– 4.75/5

Genre-  YA fantasy

POV- first person present tense

Trope- enemies to lovers, evil parent

My emotions-  I enjoyed this one much more than the sequel. The second half was captivating!


YA books like this make me wonder why so much violence is okay for teens yet we can’t write sex scenes for teens? How often are seventeen year olds having sex compared to running a blade through someone’s chest?

Page 38- I dont believe it and if it’s true I wish it was shown on page

Page 49- No! No! No! This should not be said in a dream.

Page 58- omg so many things could go wrong and I’m super excited to figure out which will be disastrous

Page 98- this isn’t believable. They should be able to tell the difference.

Page 105- the relation triangle between Locke, Taryn, & Oak is a little disturbing.

Page 135- the Court of Teeth and the Court of Termites are awful names lol

Page 147- spectacular

Page 235- sounds like a stupid idea

Page 278- yes! YES! Do it

I wanted a more severe punishment for you know who at the end. But I also understand the possible reasoning the author picked that.

Spoiler alert:

Do not continue to read if you want to keep “The Folk of Air” series under wraps until you dig in for yourself.

Okay, so I needed time to process this series. Because it’s genius yet parts still rattle me. I LOVE that bad ass strong heroine, but she was almost too borderline antagonist and villain. Which is kind of great, because I love villain stories. At times it almost felt as though I were reading a sideways story like “Wicked” AFTER the Wizard of Oz was famous, which felt very different than other series I’ve read. It seemed like I was given a backstage pass to see the side of the story from an angle that usually isn’t told. But if someone shone a different light on it, both Cardan & Jude could’ve been equally antagonists the whole time, up until the end. And even then, perceptions could be swayed. Now, I’m not saying that Madoc and his minions were the greatest. Because they were the hero’s enemy. But the main characters were basically just as evil as Madoc. Their motives were different, but were they? I think It was imperative that Jude gave Madoc a merciful punishment at the end to show their difference. Either way, I’m so glad they ended up happily ever after. Though they never addressed the elephant in the room that she is mortal and Cardan will outlive her. I highly recommend this series and stick through the sequel, because it’s a bit slow but worth it.

Best part-

Page 220- well shits and fiddlesticks! Didn’t see that coming

What I’d change-

The bully part in the first book almost made me DNF, but overall I’m glad I kept going

“Let me have everything I ever wanted, everything I ever dreamed, and eternal misery along with it. Let me live with an ice shard through my heart.”

Pacing- second half faster

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