Reader Q+A #5

What’s your name and what book would you buy all your friends if possible?

Aubree Anderson and probably either The Book Thief or All the Light We Cannot See – both are beautifully written with premises that manage to feel complex and simple at the same time. They both make you feel all the feelings.

What villain would you be (in which book) and why?

I guess a villain from an Agatha Christie novel, so I could be wily and try to weasel away from justice?

What hero/heroine traits do you fall in love with?

I love a heroine who is flawed, sassy but kind, awkward, and who is fighting for something bigger than herself

What “world” would you want to jump into?

A magical one! A historical fantasy world with spells and knights and animal sidekicks.

Who is your reading cuddle buddy and tell me all about him/her.

My cat Boo. He is a fluffy, lovable jerk who loves to lay on top of my books when I’m reading and gets offended at the idea that anything could require more attention than him (when he wants attention, that is).

What makes a villain interesting?

Their motives, what drives them to make the choices that they make. And the way that they process the events around them through their unique perspective, which is often vastly different than how the protagonists view the events/story.

Give me a great quote from a book you really like (what book?)

“It has taken me all my life up to now to fall in love with the world, but I’ve started to feel it the last couple of years. To fall in love with the world isn’t to ignore or overlook suffering, both human or otherwise. For me anyway, to fall in love with the world is to look up at the night sky and feel your mind swim before the beauty and the distance of the stars. It is to hold your children while they cry and watch the sycamore trees leaf out in June. When my breastbone starts to hurt, and my throat tightens and tears well in my eyes, I want to look away from feeling. I want to deflect with irony or anything else that will keep me from feeling directly. We all know how loving ends. But I want to fall in love with the world anyway, to let it crack me open. I want to feel what there is to feel while I am here.”
― John Green, The Anthropocene Reviewed

Give me a sentence that encompasses the vibe of Cassie Swindon’s Golden Chains trilogy.

A fast-paced adventure in which the main character discovers herself, the many faces of love, and secrets from her mother’s past that change everything.

Give me a plug of something you’d love any other reader to know about and why.

Read the Golden Chains trilogy! (it’s awesome)

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