Erica David

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.

My pen name is Erica David. I love writing fantasy in the young adult and new adult category. The creativity I get to use when creating a new world is exhilarating. And seeing such a fantastical story play out on the page that would have otherwise been stuck in my imagination is a thrill I will never stop chasing.

What character of yours would you cast an evil curse on if possible?

I would cast an evil curse on my character Grimald. He lords over the underbelly of my world’s capital city and preys on a person’s weakness for his own gain. The worst curse I could think for him would be one that plagues him with compassion.

What character of yours would you bless with immortality and an abundance of love and why?

I would bless Caldor with this gift. He is a character that has always been too hard on himself while always looking out for others. He deserves the abundance of love and having him live forever would be a blessing to those around him.

What character of yours would you tell all your secrets to and why?

I would tell Elyas all my secrets. He is the most loyal and level headed character in the book. He could be trusted completely to keep the secret and provide advice rather than judgement.

Write only one sentence about your opening scene without giving spoilers.

Ayleth must rush to the palace alone, the king is missing.

Show me a line you’re proud of writing.

Ayleth studied herself in the mirror. She stood barely over five feet tall without the aid of the heel on her slippers. She occasionally wondered if, had she been born into different circumstances, she might have made a good thief. -A Crown of Roses and Ruin, Chapter 1

What would your most epic villain say if warned:

“Don’t go down on that ferris wheel, there’s flesh-eating cupcakes at the top!”

“Ha! A cupcake? Do you know what I faced at Crimson Rock Prison? That cupcake will starve before it ever gets a taste of the Prince of Verric.”

What would your most epic heroine say if encouraged:

“Hurry up that ferris wheel, there’s flesh-eating cupcakes at the top!”

“By the gods, not another flesh-eating cupcake. Get the civilians away! Things are about to get messy.”

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing.

I have always had story ideas playing through my head, being able to get them onto the page and see a finished story feels like an amazing accomplishment. I also love bringing people on a journey. Whenever I’m writing I’m trying to imagine how my readers will react. I want them to be as amazed, shocked, devastated and excited as I am when I read a great novel. My greatest wish is that readers will feel immersed in my story and become invested in my characters.

What are your 2022 goals:

My biggest goal for 2022 is to get my book published. With the first draft complete I am excited to begin edits and revisions. Having a physical hardcover copy of A Crown of Roses and Ruin in my hand in 2022 would be an incredible accomplishment.

Social media links/contact:

Instagram: @typewriters_and_tall_tales


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