Reader Q+A #2

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Tell me a book you’d want to live in and why?

  • Outrageously in Love by: Jen Morris
  • Harriet, despite her past, takes the courage to fly to New York City, my favorite country.
  • Just getting out of my comfort zone

What’s a book that made tears cascade down your cheeks and why?

  • Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover – the behind story of the guy about his past.

Tell me about what villain you’d gladly crush/destroy and why?

  • Draco Malfoy, he is just being a jerk because of his parents and because he is a Malfoy, but along the story, you will see the character development.

Tell me about something bookish you do.

  • It’s fun to write book reviews right now and share my perspective with someone

What’s your favorite character and why?

  • I love a motivational and a strong independent woman
  • A career woman or man

Tell me advice you’d give new authors who are unpublished

  • You will doubt yourself and be overwhelmed about the response about the new published books and new authors but never put in your mind that it is impossible. You completed your story that you want to share to everyone, the doubt will only visit you but it will leave you. Keep writing!

What are 3 unique things about you that would capture everyone’s attention?

  • My strong aura that can be intimidating
  • Kind, I think?
  • Initiative

What are your bookish goals for 2022?

  • more book reviews
  • book merch
  • book reps
  • book tour

What book would you reread 728 times and why?

  • I think a lot of books specially that made me cry or appreciate the story.
  • But as of now I wasn’t able to reread any books.

Give me a plug of something you’d love all bookish people to purchase and why it’s superb.

  • Cassie Swindon writes her story in a suspense, thrilling and adventure way that makes every reader turn the pages until they find out what they want to know.

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