Reader Q+A #1

What’s your name and what genre books do you love to read?

My name is Michelle and I usually read New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense and Young Adult.

What is one of your recent five-star books and why?

My most recent 5 star read was Reel by Kennedy Ryan.

What are three traits/interests you’d want in friends you’d form a book club with?

Someone who has an open-minded, likes to explore things out of their comfort zone, and who is funny.

What do you love in a hero/heroine?

 I love flawed characters.  I love to see characters that learn from their mistakes and grow as a person.

What do you hate in a hero/heroine?

I hate characters that are too self centered and whine when things don’t go their way and then blame others for mistakes (I hate this is real life too).

Where do you love to read most and why?

I love reading in my reading nook on my bean bag. I also love reading in natural light.

What do you wish every author would do?

I follow a lot of authors and I love when they communicate and interact with their readers.

What book would you want to live inside and why?

J.D. Robb’ NYC from the In Death Series. I think it would an interesting world.

What character would you want to be for a week and why?

Sam Holland from the Fatal Series by Marie Force. It would be cool to be a MPD Lieutenant and the Second Lady of the US.

Give me a sentence that encompasses the vibe of Cassie Swindon’s Golden Chains trilogy.

Military Romance full of adventure and intrigue.

Give me a plug of something you’d love any other reader to know about and why.

The books is always better.

Follow Michelle at or @theauntieshelly on IG

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