Review #15

Title- Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

Book of the Month Selection

Rating– 3/5

Genre- Whimsical fantasy, literary fiction

POV- First person, past tense. I haven’t read a story of someone’s life through so many other different points of view. Weylyn’s life is broken up into different sections based off the relationships he had.

Trope- odd-one out of the group

Similar/Comps– The House in the Cerulean Sea

Vibe- odd, eccentric, charming, this is a sit-back and relax book


Weylyn is shown through the eyes of multiple other characters, through his life at different ages- At first, he was raised by wolves, then where did he go next?

Mary- the woman he loves, full of spunk and understanding


Weylyn controls the weather, like when he single-handedly stopped that tornado. As amazing as these powers may appear, they tend to manifest themselves at inopportune times and places, jeopardizing not only his own life, but those he loves. Storms evaporate into thin air. Fireflies make phosphorescent honey and Weylyn also ends up living in a house filled with giant spider webs.

“Don’t leave anything you can’t come back to.”


On the slower side

Best part-

I enjoyed the story telling aspects of this novel and the great sensory detail.

What I’d change-

A bit anti-climatic in the end. The way it was broken up into 4 sections didn’t really culminate as expected. It almost seemed like the story that was advertised in the blurb was to happen “After the book ended.”

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