Review #7

Title- The Ordinary Life of Emily P Bates

Rating– 4/5

Genre- This rom-com’s theme is full of family and friendships as Emily figures out her relationships and place among them.

POV- First person, past tense

Trope- YA, love triangle, coming of age, family drama

Similar/Comps– The Upside of Falling & By the Book

My emotions-  at ease, calm, giggly, comfortable


High schooler, Emily has some serious sass, but that can’t compete with best friend, Shannon’s spice for drama. Then let’s add in a love triangle with Ethan and Finn and we’ve got a full show! I’m not sure if Emily’s older brother, Aaron, ever truly redeemed himself, but who cares about that annoying guy. Dad is a writer, of course … because authors have to throw in some sort of bookish detail into every novel. And her strong Mom holds the first down when things get messy.


Emily just wants to keep her head down and get through her junior year without failing calculus, but instead she finds herself dropped head first in the deep end of the dating pool.

Between Finn’s indifference in his own love life, Shannon’s over involvement in everyone else’s, and Emily’s utter bewilderment in the whole process, all three manage to find love in their first semester. But when it all falls apart as suddenly as it came together, Emily is left more confused than ever.

“He was so incredibly focused. So intense. In that moment I realized that, though I’d seen Finn about a thousand times since I’d met him, I don’t think I’d ever really seen him. Not really.”


I’d recommend this for teens who want a light-hearted, fast, easy read.

Best part-

I’m very glad Emily chose the boy I wanted her to. You, go girl. The flower scene in the middle of the high school hallway and the winter snow-globe scene were definitely my favorite.

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