Review #2

Title- Scorpio Races

Rating– 4/5

Genre- YA Fantasy

POV- first person, present tense, alternating 2 points of view

Trope- Slow burn, forbidden love

Similar/Comps– The Raven Boys

My emotions- Intrigue, curiosity, nervous for the main characters’ fate.


Sean Kendrick- 19 years old, the returning champion and if he has any fears, he keeps them buried deep, where no one else can see them, quiet, confident hero who “has a gift” calming the dangerous horses

Puck (Kate) Connolly- heroine with a “bite,” family oriented with her siblings, animal lover, a teen girl pushing back on gender roles

The island seems to be its own character


Magical, man-eating horses come out of the water once a year. The townspeople need to catch and train them for the Scorpio Races. Some race to win. Others race to survive.

Puck Connolly was never meant to ride in the Scorpio Races but she enters the competition – the first girl ever to do so. She and Sean Kendrick both must win the race or they’ll lose what they love most. Only the strong of heart can survive.


Maggie writes, clear, concise, with shorter sentences meant for YA. No complaints

“I see Kat standing beside her little pony. Her hair is the color of the cliff grass turned red by autumn, and she has a spatter of freckles across her face that at first glance makes her look far younger. It’s a strange magic: At once she’s a cross child and also something older and wild, something grown from this coarse island soil.”

“You swallow her with your eyes. I’m surprised there’s any of her left for the rest of us to see.”


Fast/fluid read

Best part-

Strong female showing the boy that she can compete too.

What I’d change-

I assumed the Scorpio Races would be the inciting event of the story, rather they were the Climax scene. I think I’d take out the prologue so I didn’t have that expectation.

Pg. 34- Oooh! Why did Kendrick do that?!

Pg. 59- Wanting Puck & Kendrick to meet earlier

Pg. 96- The last few chapters have been slow, though I do fear for Dove’s fate

Pg. 110- Great! I needed more of a reason for why Puck was entering the races, and now I’m given one

Pg. 136- This is what I’ve been waiting for

Pg. 198- Obvious midpoint/turning point. I like the visuals of the festival.

Pg. 234- Freaky & creepy. Great spooky vibe

Pg. 270- A bit gruesome, but probably needed so the reader knows the possibilities

Pg. 301- Sweet, brave, awesome scene for their connection

Pg. 346- Please, let’s just get to the races, already!

Pg. 389- Yikes!

Pg. 404- I’m very satisfied with the ending.

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