Review #79

Title- Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- First person, present tense Similar Books/Comps– The Book of Chaos Vibe- humor, sarcasm, unique, original, whimsical Characters– Alcatraz Smedry- age 13, foster child Plot/Blurb- Alcatrez gets a bag of sand in the mail-his only inheritance from his father and mother. He soon learnsContinue reading “Review #79”

Review #78

Title- The Art of Racing in the Rain Rating– 5/5 Genre- Contemporary POV- First person, past tense Trope- Family drama, Relationships, Dogs! Similar Books/Comps– A Dog’s Purpose My emotions-  Invested, connected Vibe– soul mates, compassion, philosophical (from the mind of a dog) Characters– I love how real they felt Plot/Blurb- MEET THE DOG WHO WILLContinue reading “Review #78”

Review #77

Title- The Davinci Code Rating– 4/5 Genre- Suspense, mystery Similar Books/Comps– The Library of the Unwritten My emotions-  Edge of my seat Characters– Robert Langdon- Harvard symbologist Sophie Neveu- French cryptologist Comments- I liked the action and danger more than the history bits. I wanted more romance than there was. Plot/Blurb- Robert is awakened byContinue reading “Review #77”

Review #75

Title- The Book of Lost Things Rating– 3.75/5 Genre- Fantasy POV- Third person, past Similar Books/Comps– The Keeper of Lost Things My emotions-  Creepy but entranced Vibe– darker Plot/Blurb- High in his attic bedroom, David mourns the death of his mother, with only the books on his shelf for company. But those books have begunContinue reading “Review #75”

Review #74

Title- Ruin and Rising Rating– 5/5- best of the trilogy Genre- YA fantasy Trope- The chosen one. Morally gray characters Similar Books/Comps– Red Queen My emotions-  the second half had me gasping Characters– I loved Alina and Mal’s relationship. It was the best part of the story despite this being more dystopian than romance. Plot/Blurb-Continue reading “Review #74”

Review #73

Title- Siege and Storm Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA fantasy POV- first person Trope- the chosen one Plot/Blurb- Soldier. Summoner. Saint. Alina Starkov’s power has grown, but not without a price. She is the Sun Summoner―hunted across the True Sea, haunted by the lives she took on the Shadow Fold. But she and Mal can’t outrunContinue reading “Review #73”

Review #72

Title- Shadow and Bone Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- First person, past tense Similar Books/Comps– The Gilded Wolves, Ember in the Ashes My emotions-  I wanted to feel a bit more but I was sucked in enough to care. Characters– Alina Starkov is a soldier who knows she may not survive her first trekContinue reading “Review #72”