Rebecca and Victoria Heap

What’s your pen name? Rebecca and Victoria Heap – we are twin sisters who write together! Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title. We have written a fantasy trilogy and have recently been offered and signed a contract with publisher, Odyssey Books! It is very exciting. The series is calledContinue reading “Rebecca and Victoria Heap”

Review #100

Title- The Perishing   Author– Natashia Deon Rating– 4/5 stars until the 80% mark, then 3 stars for the end, so my math says 3.75 stars Genre- a unique mix of fantasy with contemporary with historical fiction with futuristic with women’s fiction POV- a mix depending on which life she was leading and which yearContinue reading “Review #100”

Review #99

Title- Boy Toy Author-Nicola Marsh Rating– 3/5 Genre- contemporary romance POV- third person, past tense Trope- arranged marriage, off-limits, younger man, career vs. love My emotions-  calm Comments- I love reading about a variety of cultures. From the very first chapter I was surrounded by Kushi’s fragrant aromas from the kitchen, Samira’s hesitancies about anotherContinue reading “Review #99”

Review #98

Title- Gilded Serpent Rating– 3.5/5 Genre- epic fantasy POV- 4 POV, third person, past tense Characters– See the first two reviews, Dark Shores and Dark Skies. The beginning is overwhelming since we’re going from two POV per book to 4 alternating POV. Also on one page here are all there proper nouns:ArinoquiansTerianaUrconEreniTitusMarcusGalinhaThe SixCelThe Seventh Plot/Blurb-Continue reading “Review #98”

Avery Samson

What’s your pen name? I write under Avery Samson for contemporary/new adult romance and A. Samson for romantic suspense. Tell me about your most recent story you’re writing and the title. I’m currently in the middle of releasing Intangible.  It’s the story of a seemingly average small-town veterinarian with an extraordinary gift. That “gift” landsContinue reading “Avery Samson”

Review #97

Title– Dark Skies Author- Danielle L Jensen Rating– 3.5.5 Genre- young adult fantasy POV- have alternating POV in third person past tense. However, I’m wondering how appropriate that is because of the alternating POV books I’ve read, they’ve all been romance and this is not a romance novel. Trope- gods/goddesses Similar Books/Comps– I felt LordContinue reading “Review #97”