Review #30

Title- Red Queen Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- Red Queen is one of only present tense stories that hasn’t been jarring for me Trope- Enemies to lovers, Forbidden love, two brother love triangle, teen revolution leader Similar/Comps– The City of Brass (I DNF this one), Angelfall (This one seemed darker than Red Queen), ShadowContinue reading “Review #30”

Review #28

Title- Anna and the French Kiss Rating– 3/5 Genre- Contemporary Romance/YA POV- First person, present tense (yet tense switches back and forth some) Trope- Boarding School Similar Books/Comps– No We Can’t Be Friends, Kisses and Croissants My emotions-  Content, relaxed Plot/Blurb- Anna can’t wait for her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a greatContinue reading “Review #28”

Review #26

Title- Angelfall Rating– 3.5/5 Genre- This dystopian novel was more twisted and dark than I had expected. POV- First person, present tense Trope- survival, family loyalties, desperation, and strength in a heroine protagonist Similar/Comps– Hunger Games, Circus of the Dead My emotions- At certain parts- toe-curling creepy with creating disturbing images. That forest scene wasContinue reading “Review #26”

Review #25

Title- A Great and Terrible Beauty Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA Fantasy (unexpected from cover) POV- First person, present Similar Books/Comps– Elementals My emotions-  not expecting this genre from the cover Vibe– It felt a bit high school-gothic Characters– Gemma- 16 years old with anunknown magical powers Plot/Blurb- After the death of her mother, Gemma isContinue reading “Review #25”

Review #21

Title- The Darkest Part of the Forest Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA fantasy, part urban fantasy due to the current culture references, yet part high/epic fantasy due to all the magical creatures POV- Third person, past tense. Three POV, but it focuses on Hazels’. On page 134, a different point of view randomly pops up   Trope-Continue reading “Review #21”

Review #18

Title- The Beautiful Rating– 5/5 Genre- Dark YA Fantasy POV- The mysterious murderer is first person present tense & the rest of the story is third person, past tense Trope- murder mystery Similar Books/Comps– Certain Dark Things, American Gothic My emotions- suspense Characters– Kick ass Celine & Bastian was oh so delicious & since theyContinue reading “Review #18”

Review #14

Title- Fable Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- Young Adult (assumed it was fantasy, but I don’t think it fits that category) POV- First person, past tense Trope- pirates, adventure, family relationships, buried treasure Similar Books/Comps– The Girl the Sea Gave Back, Daughter of the Pirate King My emotions-  I loved this book, such a mix of emotions.Continue reading “Review #14”

Review #11

Title- Howl’s Moving Castle Rating– 3/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- Third person, past tense Similar Books/Comps– Harry Potter Vibe- Charming, whimsical Comments– This is a shorter review because I ended up skimming it and not digging into the story fully. I kept going but I didn’t enjoy the writing style it felt dated with theContinue reading “Review #11”

Review #7

Title- The Ordinary Life of Emily P Bates Rating– 4/5 Genre- This rom-com’s theme is full of family and friendships as Emily figures out her relationships and place among them. POV- First person, past tense Trope- YA, love triangle, coming of age, family drama Similar/Comps– The Upside of Falling & By the Book My emotions-Continue reading “Review #7”

Review #6

Title- The Lunar Chronicles Cinder (Based off Cinderella) Scarlett (Based off Little Red Riding Hood)- my favorite of the bunch Cress (Based off Rapunzel) Fairest (Levana’s Story) – highly recommend reading this novella Stars Above- a collection of stories set in the Lunar Chronicles universe that could be skipped since there’s lots of backstory WinterContinue reading “Review #6”