Fan Reviews #2

Title- Hunt the Storm Author- Cassie Swindon Series- sequel in the Golden Chains trilogy Rating– see below from Goodreads readers Genre- New adult romantic suspense POV- third person, past tense, two alternating POV between Raelyn and Kody Trope- love triangle, break up with him/her to save them, kidnapper Steam level- 3.5/5 spice Cover– more mysteriousContinue reading “Fan Reviews #2”

Fan Reviews

Title- Break the Stone Author- Cassie Swindon Series- first novel Golden Chains trilogy Rating– see below for reader reviews and Goodreads for overall ratings Genre- YA crossover to New Adult- romantic suspense POV- third person past tense, two POV, Raelyn and Kody Trope- best friend’s sibling, insta love, alpha hero, men in uniform, huge guy/tinyContinue reading “Fan Reviews”

Review #122

Title- These Violent Delights Author- Chloe Gang Series- The sequel is Our Violent Ends Rating– 3.7/5 Genre- YA fantasy POV- chaotic. See below Trope- enemies to “something” Similar Books/Comps- The Cruel Prince. Amazon compares it to Serpent and Dove, and honestly I feel as if this one wasn’t in the same league as Serpent &Continue reading “Review #122”

Review #117

Title- Daughter of the Deep Series name– The Children of Lyr Author– Lina C. Amarego Rating– 4.8/5 Genre- YA fantasy POV- first person, past tense. Trope- this book had everything- Pirates, enemies to lovers, forced marriage, second chance romance, avenging family murder Similar Books/Comps- Fable and Namesake Steam level- 1/5- fade to dark Cover– gorgeous.Continue reading “Review #117”

Review #114

Title- A Vow So Bold and Deadly Author- Brigid Kemmerer Rating– 4/5 for this novel but 4.5/5 for the trilogy Genre- YA fantasy POV- 4 POV this one, all present tense Trope- war/battle, brotherhood Steam level- (0- no sex, 5- erotica)- 1/5 Cover– Gorgeous Comments- I liked that this novel had all 4 characters withContinue reading “Review #114”

Review #113

Title- A Heart so Fierce and Broken (sequel) Author- Brigid Kemmerer Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- present tense switches between two alternating main characters, Lia Mara and Grey Trope- enemies to lovers Steam level- (0- no sex, 5- erotica)-  1/5 Cover– Gorgeous. I wish it was my blue-ish to match the first, but they’reContinue reading “Review #113”

Review #112

Title- A Curse so Dark and Lonely Author- Brigid Kemmerer Rating– 5/5. Probably top 5 of 2021 reads Genre- YA fantasy, may 50% qualify as romance, but I’m not for certain based on “romance rules” POV- Rhen and Harper switch back and forth alternating chapters which I love Trope- enemies to lovers, captive, Beauty andContinue reading “Review #112”

Review #107

Title- Believe Me Author- Tahereh Mafi Rating– 5/5 Genre- Young Adult, fantasy, romance POV- The biggest thing this series taught me was how to write better with emotions in deep first person POV. Trope- happily ever after novella Cover– Gorgeous My emotions-  happy, satisfied, comforted Comments- It was the perfect way to end the series.Continue reading “Review #107”

Review #101

Title- The Nature of Witches Author- Rachel Griffin Rating– 5/5 Genre- YA, fantasy POV- first person, present tense My emotions-  in love with every sentence Characters– Clara- the world’s only Everwitch Sang- a hottie Spring witch who loves botany Paige- Clara’s ex Comments- Writing a novel is not easy, but Rachel Griffin makes it lookContinue reading “Review #101”

Review #97

Title– Dark Skies Author- Danielle L Jensen Rating– 3.5.5 Genre- young adult fantasy POV- have alternating POV in third person past tense. However, I’m wondering how appropriate that is because of the alternating POV books I’ve read, they’ve all been romance and this is not a romance novel. Trope- gods/goddesses Similar Books/Comps– I felt LordContinue reading “Review #97”