Review #121

Title- The Book of Lost Names Author- Kristin Harmel Rating– 5/5 Genre- historical fiction with a few contemporary flashforward chapters POV- 2005- first person, present tense & 1942- third person, past tense  Trope- war Similar Books/Comps- The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah Steam level- (0- no sex, 5- erotica) Cover– beautiful and captivating for a bookworm.Continue reading “Review #121”

Review #3

Title- The Lost Apothecary Rating– 4.75/5 Genre- Fantasy (Book of the Month selection) POV- first person, past tense. I expected two point of views, but there were more. Trope- Feminist Similar/Comps– The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter I have(On my TBR) My emotions-  proud of women, excited with the suspense Characters– Nella (1791)- sellsContinue reading “Review #3”