Review #280

I rated this a 3.7/5 stars. This standalone book of the month selection was a suspenseful mystery with family drama, sabotage, lies, secrets, & unravelings. There were many points of view and the writing felt a bit dry overall.  Here’s my thoughts while reading.  The prologue shows that Amaya is a neurotic woman who possiblyContinue reading “Review #280”

Review #118

Title- Ugly Love Author- Colleen Hoover Rating– 4/5 Genre- contemporary, tragedy, romance, women’s fiction POV- switches current time for Tate to 6 years ago for Miles Trope- closed-off hero, past trauma, brother’s best friend Similar Books/Comps- The only thing I can compare it to is the only other book that made me cry this yearContinue reading “Review #118”