Review #52

Title- The Kindest Lie Book of the Month Selection Rating– 3/5 Genre- Contemporary, Women’s Fiction POV- Third person, past tense Trope- Racism, Motherhood, Family dynamics/relationships, Society- based topics Similar Books/Comps– The Push, Trust, How the One Armed Sister Sweeps Her House Emotions– Ah, Ruth’s grandma drove me crazy! Characters– Ruth Tuttle, an Ivy-League educated BlackContinue reading “Review #52”

Review #49

Title- The Arsonist Rating– 3/5 Genre- Women’s Fiction POV- Third person, past tense Trope- Mystery, Small town drama, Family relationships Similar Books/Comps– Little Fires Everywhere (kind of)- I couldn’t think of a good one My emotions- Curious Characters– Frankie Rowley is the main character- worked in East Africa for fifteen yearsI didn’t connect with/understand herContinue reading “Review #49”

Review #48

Title-  The Midnight Library Rating– 4/5 Genre- Whimsical fantasy, literary fiction POV- Third person, past tense Trope- Philosophical, “What if?” Similar/Comps– Where the Forest Meets the Stars (On my TBR) My emotions-  grateful, sentimental Characters– Nora- must search within herself to decide what is truly fulfilling in life, and what makes it worth living Plot/Blurb-Continue reading “Review #48”

Review #47

Title- The Dating Plan Rating– 5/5 Genre- Contemporary Romance (Book of the Month Selection) POV- Third person, past tense Trope- Happily Ever After, Fake marriage Similar/Comps– Accidentally Engaged, The Singles Table My emotions-  pick-me up, feel-good, cozy, sweet, calm, happy, no brainer Characters– Daisy-super endearing and I kind of just wanted to be her forContinue reading “Review #47”

Review #24

Title- The Maidens Rating– 4/5 Genre- Suspense/Thriller POV- Third person, past tense Trope- “who dunnit?” Similar Books/Comps– The Silent Patient, My emotions-  Invested, Curious, Nervous Vibe– Dark & sinister, unsettling, creepy, goosebump-worthy Characters– Edward Fosca- A charismatic professor, is adored by students―particularly by a secret society of female students known as The Maidens. Mariana Andros-Continue reading “Review #24”

Review #23

Title- The Love Hypothesis Book of the Month Selection Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- Contemporary Romance POV- third person, past Trope- fake relationship Similar Books/Comps– The Dating Plan, Red White and Blue, The Billionaire’s Fake Fiance, Characters– Endearing Olive is a grad student and unapproachable, moody Adam is a scientist superstar Plot/Blurb- As a third-year Ph.D. candidate,Continue reading “Review #23”

Review #20

Title- Where the Crawdads Sing Rating– 4/5 Genre- Women’s Fiction POV- Third person, past tense. Trope- Coming of Age, secrets Similar Books/Comps– Where the Forest Meets the Stars, The Girls in the Stilt House My emotions-  I felt drawn to nature. Vibe– The different sections of the books all have different vibes. Characters– Kya- IContinue reading “Review #20”

Review #19

Title- The Fall Guy Rating– 3/5 Genre- Psychological Thriller, Suspense POV- Third person, past tense Trope- stalker vibes Similar Books/Comps– The Locked Door, Never Tell them My emotions-  Creepy, uncomfortable Vibe– dark, strange love triangle Characters– Charlie, a wealthy banker with an uneasy conscience (married to Chloe) Matthew- troubled cousin Chloe- who Matthew is obsessedContinue reading “Review #19”

Review #11

Title- Howl’s Moving Castle Rating– 3/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- Third person, past tense Similar Books/Comps– Harry Potter Vibe- Charming, whimsical Comments– This is a shorter review because I ended up skimming it and not digging into the story fully. I kept going but I didn’t enjoy the writing style it felt dated with theContinue reading “Review #11”

Review #6

Title- The Lunar Chronicles Cinder (Based off Cinderella) Scarlett (Based off Little Red Riding Hood)- my favorite of the bunch Cress (Based off Rapunzel) Fairest (Levana’s Story) – highly recommend reading this novella Stars Above- a collection of stories set in the Lunar Chronicles universe that could be skipped since there’s lots of backstory WinterContinue reading “Review #6”