Review #144

Title- The Paris Dressmaker Author- Kristy Cambron Series- standalone Rating– 4.3/5 Genre- historical fiction POV- two strong women in the French resistance, Sandrine and Lila. It’s refreshing that the two POV are female, yet there’s still a hint at both of their own romance story lines.  Trope- war, fake relationship, survival Steam level- 0/5 spiceContinue reading “Review #144”

Review #137

Title- The Cottingley Secret Author- Hazel Gaynor Series- standalone Rating– 3.7/5 Genre- historical fiction merged with fantasy and dual timeline also throws in contemporary POV- The prologue was in first person present tense and I wished that continued into chapter one, but it switched to third person past tense. Frances accounts of 1917 are thirdContinue reading “Review #137”

Review #133

Title- TimeKeeper Author- Tara Sim Series- The sequel is “Chainbreaker,” and the third is “Firestarter.” Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- Historical fiction mixed with whimsical fantasy POV- third person, past tense, mostly in Danny’s POV but there were a few random, short inserts from secondary characters Trope- MM romance, forbidden love Steam level- 1/5 Cover– The coverContinue reading “Review #133”

Review #131

Title- Spellmaker Author- Charlie N. Holmberg Series- Spellbreaker is the first in this duology Rating– 4.1/5 Genre- historical fiction mixed with whimsical fantasy POV- third person, past tense. The point of view switches to Bacchus Kelsey mid chapter at scene breaks which isn’t my favorite method. Steam level- 0/5 spice Cover– beautiful and representative ofContinue reading “Review #131”

Review #128

Title- Magnolia Palace January 2022 Book of the Month Selection Author- Fiona Davis Rating– 4.1/5 Genre- historical fiction (with duo time period) POV- There were two different time periods. 1919 and 1966. For those who are super great at math like me, that’s 47 years difference, give or take. They went back and forth betweenContinue reading “Review #128”

Review #123

Title- Our Violent Ends Author- Chloe Gong Series- this is the sequel to Our Violent Delights Rating– 4/5 Genre- YA Dark fantasy/historical fiction crossover POV- Multiple, all over the place, chaotic, both present and past tense, head hopping, many POV within chapter. Scene breaks inconsistently designated by an interior formatting symbol, sometimes not. Trope- enemiesContinue reading “Review #123”

Review #100

Title- The Perishing   Author– Natashia Deon Rating– 4/5 stars until the 80% mark, then 3 stars for the end, so my math says 3.75 stars Genre- a unique mix of fantasy with contemporary with historical fiction with futuristic with women’s fiction POV- a mix depending on which life she was leading and which yearContinue reading “Review #100”

Review #71

Title- Spellbreaker Rating– 4/5Genre- historical fiction/fantasy POV- I like that there’s two alternating POV of Elsie & Bacchus. (Third person feels distant though) Sometimes POV switched mid chapter which I don’t like head hopping. Similar Books/Comps– It had a Mary Poppins vibe without the children, lol My emotions-  little bored in the beginning, but intriguedContinue reading “Review #71”

Review #3

Title- The Lost Apothecary Rating– 4.75/5 Genre- Fantasy (Book of the Month selection) POV- first person, past tense. I expected two point of views, but there were more. Trope- Feminist Similar/Comps– The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter I have(On my TBR) My emotions-  proud of women, excited with the suspense Characters– Nella (1791)- sellsContinue reading “Review #3”