Review #32

Title- Children of Blood and Bone Rating– 5/5Genre- YA Fantasy POV- First person, present tense. Alternating 3 POV My emotions-  Entranced. The magical elements were awesome since it felt more spiritual and natural-based. Vibe– Epic! Characters– Zélie Adebola- heroine, protagonist- I love that the main character was female and a warrior/fighter. Rogue Princess Amari HandsomeContinue reading “Review #32”

Review #22

Title- Namesake Rating– 5/5 Genre- YA (maybe historical fiction, maybe fantasy?) POV- first person, past tense Trope- parent/child relationships, sunken treasure, strong heroine Similar Books/Comps– Fable, The Lost Apothecary My emotions-  super invested Characters– West’s morally gray compass is done super well. The see-saw feelings about Saint are spot on. I loved that the antagonistContinue reading “Review #22”

Review #18

Title- The Beautiful Rating– 5/5 Genre- Dark YA Fantasy POV- The mysterious murderer is first person present tense & the rest of the story is third person, past tense Trope- murder mystery Similar Books/Comps– Certain Dark Things, American Gothic My emotions- suspense Characters– Kick ass Celine & Bastian was oh so delicious & since theyContinue reading “Review #18”

Review #17

Title- Marley and Me Rating– 5/5- This is a book I wish I’d buy… who wants to buy it for me? Genre- Contemporary POV- First person, past tense Trope– Family relationships, Like, Love, Dogs Similar Books/Comps– The Art of Racing in the Rain, A Dog’s Purpose My emotions-  Ugh, I can’t even Characters– Marley- wildContinue reading “Review #17”

Review #13

Title- Eat, Pray, Love Rating– 5/5 Genre- Women’s Fiction, Contemporary POV- First person, present tense. Trope- Traveling, Mid-life internal assessment Similar Books/Comps– It All Comes Back to You, The Power of Letting Go My emotions-  Peaceful, Liberated, Inspired Plot/Blurb- Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings ofContinue reading “Review #13”

Review #12

Title- Ties That Tether Book of the Month Selection Rating– 5/5 Genre- Contemporary Romance POV- First person, past tense Trope- Forbidden Love Similar Books/Comps– The Dating Playbook, Honey Girl My emotions-  happy, comforted Characters– all relatable and Rafael was hot HOT Plot/Blurb-At twelve years old, Azere promised her dying father she would marry a NigerianContinue reading “Review #12”

Review #10

Title- The Silent Patient Rating– 5/5 Genre- Thriller/Suspense POV- First person, past tense. (but it seemed to switch a little) Trope- Therapist, mental health, suspense, secrets, murder Similar Books/Comps– Verity, The Last Thing He Told Me, The Couple Next Door. My emotions-  goosebumps, checking behind my shoulder Vibe– creepy, stalker vibes Characters– Alicia Berenson’s- PerfectContinue reading “Review #10”

Review #4

Title- If I Stay Rating– 5/5 Genre- YA contemporary POV- first person Trope- Family relationships, teen love Similar/Comps– Looking for Alaska (I liked If I Stay much better than Looking for Alaska) My emotions-  Heart-wrenching Characters– Mia- 17 years old Plot/ Blurb- In the blink of an eye everything changes. Mia has no memory ofContinue reading “Review #4”

Review #1

Title- Serpent & Dove Rating– 5/5 Genre- Fantasy POV- first person, past tense, alternating 2 points of view Trope- Enemies to Lovers Characters– Lou- stubborn, strong willed and magical Reid- a religious Chasseur whose entire purpose is to rid the world of witches and magic Plot- Louise le Blanc lives in the city of Cesarine,Continue reading “Review #1”