Review #262

I rated this fantasy a 4.6/5 stars. I loved the circus/ magician performer theme with the dark vibe of the haunted mirrors. I thought the first half was much better than the last Act which is usually the opposite for me so I’m not sure what happened. There is a sequel I’ll be reading nextContinue reading “Review #262”

Review #251

I gave this FF romantasy a 4.9/5 stars. I loved the fairytale mixture of a Cinderella story turned Sleeping Beauty. And the fact that it was all from a villain’s point of view was excellent. Here are my thoughts love while reading: Chapter 1 was pure perfection. Alyce concocted an illegal “ugly” potion for aContinue reading “Review #251”

Review #249

I rated this sequel in Adrienne Young’s duology a 4/5 stars. This epic fantasy was all about different sides fighting in a war. The romance was minimal. I liked that there were two points of view but since they had such little interaction, I’m not sure if it was necessary. The dual POV was moreContinue reading “Review #249”

Review #228

I gave a strong 4.8/5 star rating for Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. If you want a female Captain Jack Sparrow, this is the fantasy pirate book for you. I assumed this was fantasy romance, but the romance wasn’t as strong as a focus as I wanted because of the cliffhanger ending.Continue reading “Review #228”

Review #172

Title- A Song of Wraiths and Ruin Author- Roseanne A. Brown Series– the sequel is A Psalm of Storms and Silence Rating– 4.8/5 Genre- YA fantasy POV- third person, dual POV Trope- coming of age, magic, enemies to (we shall see), I came to kill you & developed feelings Steam level- 1/5 Cover– I wasn’tContinue reading “Review #172”

Review #164

Title- Mageborn Author- Jessica Thorne Series- The Hollow King Rating– 4.2/5 Genre- fantasy romance POV- Third person, past tense, dual/alternating POV  Sometimes there were POV errors like the character seeing her own tears.  Trope- enemies to lovers Steam level- 2.5/5 (less than I assumed) Cover– very pretty Comps– The Shadows Between Us, but Mageborn hadContinue reading “Review #164”

Review #140

Title- All the Tides of Fate Author- Adalyn Grace Series- sequel to All the Stars and Teeth Rating– 4.2/5 Genre- YA fantasy POV- first person, present tense (which is refreshingly well written) Trope- Queen/royalty Steam level- 2/5 Cover– matches the first. It shows the setting well, but I liked the cover of the first betterContinue reading “Review #140”

Review #131

Title- Spellmaker Author- Charlie N. Holmberg Series- Spellbreaker is the first in this duology Rating– 4.1/5 Genre- historical fiction mixed with whimsical fantasy POV- third person, past tense. The point of view switches to Bacchus Kelsey mid chapter at scene breaks which isn’t my favorite method. Steam level- 0/5 spice Cover– beautiful and representative ofContinue reading “Review #131”