Stacey Willis

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write.

The same as my real name: Stacey Willis. I write YA, NA and Adult fiction novels across genres of Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller and Contemporary. My books are for the purpose of sharing stories likely unlike anything on the market; shedding light on certain topics and simply to make people think amidst a good romance or adventure.

What character of yours would you marry if possible and why?

Nina, Death’s secretary. She is fiercely loyal, kind, caring and selfless. We would be quite compatible.

What character of yours would you throw into a freezing lake and why?

Death —or Thanatos. For the sole purpose of needing to chill. He’s always intense and…thirsty.

What character of yours would you travel around the world with and why?

I think that Grim Reaper Abigail would be a fun travel companion. She’s extroverted, creative and enjoys slacking off taking necessary breaks.

Tell me three specific adjectives about your novels that most describes what it’s about.

Punchy, relatable and hopeful.

Describe an emotional autumn setting in 3 sentences below.

A thick fur rug sits in front of a crackling fire, adorned with hastily made smores and hot chocolate. Stacks of books are piled each side, with elaborate letters decorated with pressed autumn leaves. There is no one there any more —all which remains as an indication of life is the discarded blanket and the quiet laughter echoing from up the stairs.

What would your most recent villain say if asked,

“What’s the reason you’re making these choices? Why?”

“Death’s son [Calem] killed my daughter. I am simply returning the favour. And I know of the future. That boy has the power to destroy reality. He should not be left alive.”

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing. (Make me cry)

I have been writing for a long time, but it boils down to writing what I want to read. If there is a story I want that doesn’t exist, I will create it myself. On the less selfish side, I want to write immersive books in which different people (ethnically, socially, nationally, personally, etc.) can find themselves —because no one should have to ask for that much.

What are your 2022 goals:

My 2022 goals are to firstly get the third book of my debut saga out to ARC readers in January; finish the second book in my adult sci-fi fantasy series by July; finish my stand-alone YA LGBTQ paranormal romance novel by October; and hopefully publish my stand-alone NA paranormal thriller novella by March. Very ambitious —but I hope that I can fulfil all of it!

Social media links/contact:


Instagram: @staceyashley_willis

Twitter: @Stacey_AWillis

Wattpad: @arpeggio-

TikTok: @stacey_ashleywillis

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