Authors- I know the Secret

“Writing my first novel will be so easy!” said no one, ever.

The day I jumped out of bed with an idea to begin writing, I had little understanding of how complicated the process would be. Exactly one year later I am a member of over 50 different author related websites. You read that correctly.

Over 50!

And that number will continue to grow. Companies I had never heard of became absolutely necessary (Bookfunnel) and others I only dipped my toes in, just come out traumatized (Hootesuite). During this process, who knew that I’d learn what a “png” was? Or the necessities of sensitivity readers on Fiverr. Before beginning my writing career, I could’ve guessed that Mailchimp was actually for monkeys.

So… hear me out…

There’s GOT to be an easier, more organized way to write and publish a novel. But, authors are smart. The smartest. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? Someone in the past must have recognized this same problem. So, if a new author, like me researches options for the steps to publish a novel, hundreds of self-help sites or books will pop up.

What the Frickin Frick! Really!?? Hundreds?

And so many of them have conflicting recommendation of how to be a bestselling author. So, honestly, where do we begin? How does a new author know if a Facebook Street team should start two or four months before a launch? I mean, there’s probably ONE correct answer and we all want to know the direct path to success. But there’s no way to truly know when and where and how to invest our precious time.

Should we engage with readers in comments or spend time setting up videos? The perfect lighting shining through the window on our stacks of books is super duper important. The only other option is to hire Rhysand to haul those books down the stairs, through the hall and outside, because they’re massive and heavy. (No spoilers please, I’m only on ACOMAF)

Focus. If we give away too many novels for free does that hurt our sales? I could log into Rafflecopter to create a giveaway. Wait! What’s my damn password? Because I have over 50 accounts to navigate all this. Maybe the answer is to pull out all my newly gray hair.

Insert meditation moment here. Take a deep breath. In. Out. Everything will be okay because I know the answer.

Just keep writing.

Yes, the other stuff is important, to an extent, but it can suck authors dry. The marketing and networking and newsletter swaps are all great and dandy. But we are writers. We want to write. It is our passion and what makes us tick.

So, grab a pen, grab your computer, grab your cat.

And write a new story.

The other stuff will fall into place… maybe. But writing is what matters.

Check out my short stories on They are prequels to my debut novel, Break the Stone.” Whenever I feel lost in the marketing attempts, I write a quick short story to feel productive.

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